CSNA Education Program Quick Reference Facts

CSNA Education Program (7th Edition 2020)

The CSNA distance learning online study program is 100% digital. It is designed as a continuing education learning tool for personal trainers, health food store retailers, sales reps, nutrition advisors, nurses, dieticians, health professionals, teachers, competitive athletes and coaches.

  • The CSNA study program is the most comprehension course of its kind in the world
  • The CSNA study program was the first course of its kind to be published in the world
  • The CSNA study program contains hundreds of charts, guides and diagrams to improve student comprehension
  • The CSNA study program contains 1456 student study pages that specialize in holistic sports nutrition, optimum health and fitness knowledge

The CSNA study program is a complete Owner’s Manual for achieving personal health. The CSNA study program consists of ten instructive learning modules that took more than a decade to research, write, edit, develop, publish and distribute. The CSNA study program includes 28 expert guest author articles. The CSNA study program includes over 600 book, clinical and scientific references. The CSNA study program provides a distinct and exclusive career path in sports nutrition.

The CSNA study program is self-directed and designed for freedom and practicality. The CSNA study program provides no restriction of time or region for completion. The CSNA study program includes a monthly sports nutrition update e-newsletter. The CSNA study program includes direct email and telephone support for students.

  • The CSNA study program includes personal telephone consultations with the course author.
  • The CSNA study program is BCRPA Approved for 20 credits per module and 200 credits per course.
  • The CSNA study program is endorsed and recognized by 18 International Education Providers.

SNU Audio Program

The CSNA study program is supplemented with over 500 digital audio files that specialize in holistic sports nutrition, preventive medicine, health, fitness and exercise training. Wonderful insight from wonderful people who are truly committed to scientific research and achieving complete wellness through fitness and nutrition. People who are fearless and passionate. This vast and extensive audio library (the only one of its kind) provides incredible and relevant educational insight from hundreds of experts. SNU is a true gold mine of knowledge for those who seek it.

Medical Doctors Clinicians Physiologists Naturopaths Chiropractors Biochemists Regulatory Officials Professional Speakers Investigative Researchers Technical Advisors Immunization Consultants Best Selling Authors Fitness Competitors Entrepreneurs Sales Experts Business Owners Weight-Loss Experts Homepaths Holistic Dietitians Athletic Coaches Whole Food Cooks Biology Teachers World Class Athletes NHP Manufacturers Product Formulators Health Food Retailers Magazine Publishers Professional Athletes Personal Trainers Natural Bodybuilders Holistic Pharmacists Research Scientists Actors Innovators Masters Athletes Anger Management Consultants Master Herbalists Industry Pioneers Expert Witnesses Sports Physiotherapists University Professors

Average file length of each audio tutorial or interview is 20-30 minutes. Perfect for iPods, iPads, Smart Phones or any MP3 player. Stream SNU files anytime and virtually anywhere (walking, running, cycling, driving).

The CSNA study program includes:

  • 90 Check This Out quick factoids
  • 127 Did You Know? statements of nutrition and fitness related scientific facts.

The CSNA Study Program is Endorsed and Supported by a CSNA Advisory Panel Consisting of:

10 Expert Advisors

The CSNA study program is endorsed and supported by:

2 Honorary Expert Senior Consultant Advisors


In addition to an extensive list of 335 reference texts, including those listed in detail at the end of each module and in the CSNA Online Addendum the CSNA Study Program includes references from 40 additional books promoted as recommended reading for students. These books are not included in the course and are not mandatory to read.

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