Ed Byrd - The Man Who Put Creatine On The Map

V1N10c - Guest
Edward A. Byrd is the founding President and CEO of Medical Research Institute (MRI). In 1990 he brought vanadyl sulfate to the market. The concept of supporting efficacy claims with actual scientific research proved to be innovative as well as financially successful, and established a pattern for Byrd that he would repeat in subsequent enterprises.

Byrd's big breakthrough came in 1993, when he co-founded Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS) with $14,000 in borrowed capital and became the first company in the world to commercialize creatine monohydrate (Phosphagen).

Using proceeds from the sale of EAS, Byrd established MRI in San Bruno, CA, as a privately-held company to research and develop alpha-lipoic acid as an antioxidant and safe insulin-sensitizing agent. Byrd's life-long interest in nutrition and the mechanics of the human body has led him to university medical libraries nationwide. Throughout his extraordinary career, Byrd has focused on the entrepreneurial task of commercializing selected products while seeking out the brightest scientific minds to partner with him. Byrd's effort to raise the standards of the credibility of nutraceuticals has placed him at the vanguard of the largely unregulated dietary supplement industry. He continues to keep a sharp watch for promising, all-natural ingredients that can be formulated to treat degenerative diseases.