CSNA Masters Program

The CSNA Masters Program is an academic status of higher standing granted to CSNA graduates who have undergone further research, study and preparation to demonstrate personal mastery and a higher-order of accomplishment in sports nutrition.

Only CSNA student graduates who are active CHI Members are eligible to enroll in the this program. Includes online video chat interviews, essay assignment and CSNA Master certification.

CSNA Masters Program Enrollment Here

CSNA Student Graduate

So now you're a CSNA graduate. Excellent! Well done! You now officially belong to TEAM CSNA International. Completing the entire CSNA education program was no small feat. You read over 1500 pages of scientific research and study text, completed 10 online exams, listened to dozens of audio tutorials and videos, reviewed important health and performance related principles with Dr.C over the phone, completed your final dissertation, submitted a personal fitness assessment and met with Dr. Holly for a final online video graduation interview.

CSNA Masters Student Assignment

This personalized program consists of two (2) online video consultations with Dr. Holly (1-2 hours each). Drawing from the student's own response to Essay #10 of their final CSNA dissertation, the first consultation session will pertain to CSNA graduate health, career and performance objectives. Points of discussion will include a variety of topics and principles related to sport and fitness psychology, human behavior, client service strategy, business acumen, sports nutrition, health and fitness.

After the first consultation based on the information gathered from the student, Dr. Holly will decide on the assignment and confirm the details of the project by email with the student. There is no time limit to complete this assignment. When completed, the student must return their work to Dr. Holly for final review. After the assignment is accepted, reviewed and approved, the student will be contacted for the final consultation, after which they will receive their CSNA Masters Certification.

CSNA Master Assignment Examples

  • Submit a manuscript for a book you want to write or have already written
  • Submit a 3000-5000 word essay on a topic of your choice related to nutrition, health and fitness
  • Create a business plan for a work related project, such as a gym, health food store or wellness center
  • Create an entertaining and educational health and fitness video that you design and narrate
  • Prepare for and compete in an athletic event, such as natural bodybuilding, Ms. Fitness or any sport
  • Travel to a foreign country and study the lifestyle and diet of another culture