CSNA Student Grad Commentary

Leon David CSNA

"A CSNA can help teach the difference between whole food and refined foods and explain how they assist in achieving ideal body composition, improving immunity and enhancing overall health. When combined with natural health products, exercise and physical activity, improved vitality and a zest for life is not only possible, it‟s practically unavoidable."

Brisbane Australia

Nicole Hicks CSNA Master

"This program has provided me with the insight and motivation to train for life. It has helped guide me towards the direction that I want to live and the direction to pursue my career. Having the opportunity to meet with Cory in Hawaii has been the highlight of my studies. It was a great opportunity to network and converse on like minded topics. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this mentorship."

Canmore Alberta

Alwaleed Alkeaid CSNA

"The primary responsibility of a CSNA is to educate the society on nutritional matters. The need for a professional educator on the types of nutrition that athletes and other individuals should consume for specific purposes and general well-being is critical especially with the increased information technological advancement. Increased globalization and ease of information accessibility presents many misleading nutritional information to sportsmen and the general public."

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Cherith Hamman CSNA Master

"After studying to become a Sports Nutrition Advisor, I have learned many new things and gained a much deeper understanding on a multitude of topics that I thought I knew about but have come to find I had only brushed the surface on."

Princeville Kaui Hawaii

Soren Korsgaard CSNA Master

"For me optimum health is divided in two, mental and physical. One of the key ingredients to have mental health is to be mindful, to be able to create mindfulness, to 'be' from moment to moment. You need be active for at least an hour everyday and as a modern family it's important to do things together"

Mors Denmark

Caroline Mundell CSNA Master

"I found this course to be amazing. Everything that I have read fits with my belief systems and personal experiences with nutrition and its effect on not only the bodies visual appearance, but also the impact on brain chemistry and in turn behavior. My personal health goals are to continue to stay active and age “gracefully” by applying proper nutrition and training principles to myself."

Coquitlam BC

Andre Condreau CSNA

"Optimum health is the main objective in my life. Balance in work, leisure, relationships, mind, body and spirit are my highest priorities. If I’m performing at my peak in all of those areas then I will be able to make the greatest impact on the people around me and contribute to this world in the most positive way. Sharing my love and passion for fitness is the best way I know how to make a positive impact on society."

Richmond BC

Asma Kassam CSNA

"My hopes as a CSNA are to continually shed light and deeper education in everyday topics that come up such as carbohydrates, protein, stress, fatigue, weight loss, lack of time, and so on."

Vancouver BC

George du Rand CSNA

"If you love to exercise and be active, sports nutrition can help you get the most out of your time spent in the gym or on the sports field. A nutrition plan tailored to your needs will support your training and improve your performance, all while promoting health and wellness."

Pretoria South Africa

Tracy Cook CSNA

"Study and learning is a way of life for me. I am driven by my desire to know more and to be a better version of myself. Through my study of Sports Nutrition I now have a broader understanding of the importance of scientific research and the multitude of different ways in which science can be used to enhance the lives of each person."

Richmond BC

Adam O'Meara CSNA

"The CSNA course provides education in a truly holistic and comprehensive manner, throughout the course I was exposed to scientific, practical, clinical, and evidence based information."

Victoria BC

Rhonda Kuiper CSNA

"A CSNA can help you customize and fine-tune your diet in order to live healthier, lose body fat, reach your fitness goals, or prime you for a specific sporting event or competition. Sports nutrition is for everyone, because anyone can improve his or her wellness and performance by upping their nutrition game."

Vancouver BC

Thomas Ehle CSNA

“The CHI Camp Hawaii was simply great. The speakers were excellent. The lecture contents were cutting-edge. I loved the combination of education, training and recreation. Cory & Tracy, you are amazing hosts! You made everyone feel comfortable and at home. And the food was delicious and plentiful....another great combination.”

Bangkok Thailand

Angela Katelouzos CSNA

"I enrolled in the CSNA program to learn about nutrition…during the duration of my learning, I have implemented many aspects of sports nutrition into my life. Sports nutrition was the missing element and its become a lifestyle for me. Knowledge is power and experience is the best instructor."

New Westminster BC

Spencer Coppin CSNA

"The CSNA course has been a rewarding process. I would like to thank Cory and Tracy for sharing all that they have learned with me."

Richmond BC

Fraser Coppin CSNA

"The achievement of reaching an optimal state of health and function is a long, testing journey of one’s discipline, clarity and understanding.."

Richmond BC

Keena Schaerrer CSNA

"My intent as a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer, Triathlon Coach and CrossFit Affiliate is to make the world of optimum health available to everyone that desires to live their life to their fullest potential."

Pleasant Grove Utah

Remy Moelchant CSNA

“The CSNA course has altered my life completely. Before taking this course I thought I took enough care of my body. My knowledge concerning nutrition, sports, the environment (and its influence on me) was mainly based on experience, friends, family and self practice."

Venlo Netherlands

Debbie Perry CSNA Master

“The Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor course was a “Big Bang Event” in my life. I was lifted out of my own black hole of frustration and cast into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. I felt like I had been given the tools to be able to chart my own course in my life without the chains of poor health holding me back from those things I was really meant to do."

Ogden Utah

Matt Kendrick CSNA Master

“Since beginning my journey with CSNA, I can honestly say business has gone from strength to strength. Before my training with The Cory Holly Institute I had completed many fitness and nutrition courses but always felt there were still many questions unanswered. I was thrilled to finally find a program that covered all aspects of biochemical individuality and the extra needs for people exercising."

Solihull United Kingdom

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