He-Said-She-Said (Part 2) is a spontaneous and humorous dialog between Cory and Tracy Holly on such topics as woman’s health and fitness, whole food recipes, relationships and the challenge of raising healthy children. Click the blue link, scroll down, download, listen and learn!

Volume Seventeen

V17N1 What's Cookin? Protein Butter Balls | Hot Topic: NY Resolutions
V17N2 What's Cookin? Vegetable Chips | Hot Topic: Dinner Parties
V17N3 What's Cookin? Onions | Hot Topic: Loud Talkers
V17N4 What's Cookin? Drinking Water | Hot Topic: Getting I Injured
V17N5 What's Cookin? Cold Gazpacho Soup | Hot Topic: How Do You Live?
V17N6 What's Cookin? Mexican Style Stuffed Peppers | Hot Topic: When Do You Know It's Time To Leave A Relationship?
V17N7 What's Cookin? Homemade Teriyaki Sauce | Hot Topic: Be Careful About Getting Involved!
V17N8 What's Cookin? Cucumber/Pineapple Salad | Hot Topic: Make a Plan and Stick To It
V17N9 What's Cookin? Sicilian Greek Salad | Hot Topic: What’s On Your Bucket List?
V17N10 What's Cookin? Healthy Caramel Apples | Hot Topic: Meet New People
V17N11 What's Cookin? Almond Flour Crust | Hot Topic: Be Kind to Unkind People?

Volume Sixteen

V16N1 What's Cookin? Everyday Healthy Salad Dressing / Hot Topic: New Year’s Detox Mania
V16N2 What's Cookin? Hearty Red Fruit Crumble / Hot Topic: Best Flu Remedies
V16N3 What's Cookin? Mango Coconut Cream / Hot Topic: Everyone Makes Mistakes
V16N4 What's Cookin? Black Bean Dip | Hot Topic: Spring Cleaning/Fever
V16N5 What's Cookin? Lettuce Wraps | Hot Topic: Self Sabotaging, Positive Affirmations & Good One Liners!
V16N6 What's Cookin? Papaya Seed Dressing | Hot Topic: What Don't You Get?
V16N7 What's Cookin? Summer Crock Pot Cooking | Hot Topic: Are You Getting Enough? Water That Is!
V16N8 What's Cookin? Spicy Avocado Dressing | Hot Topic: What Do You Think?
V16N9 What's Cookin? Fresh Tomato Soup | Hot Topic: Overbooking Yourself
V16N10 What's Cookin? Spinach and Egg Bake | Hot Topic: Get Ready for Halloween
V16N11 What's Cookin? Kale Caesar Salad | Hot Topic: Homeless Issue
V16N12 What's Cookin? Black Bean Brownies | Hot Topic: Happy HollyDays!

Volume Fifteen

V15N1 What's Cookin? Lettuce Wraps / Hot Topic: Resolutions
V15N2 What's Cookin? Hearty Red Fruit Crumble / Hot Topic: Analyzing Your Clients Diet
V15N3 What's Cookin? Black Bean Carob Cookies / Hot Topic: The Mystery of Death
V15N4 What's Cookin? Black Bean Soup / Hot Topic: Knowing When to STOP
V15N5 What's Cookin? Homemade Frozen Popsicles / Hot Topic: Bullies
V15N6 What's Cookin? Go To Salad / Hot Topic: Rest & Relaxation
V15N7 What's Cookin? Roasted Garlic / Hot Topic: 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
V15N8 What's Cookin? Fresh Blackberries / Celebrating Milestones
V15N9 What's Cookin? Fresh Juicing / Masters Competition
V15N10 What's Cookin? Tahini Salad Dressing / Travel Pack
V15N11 What's Cookin? Curried Cabbage / Netherlands & Skye Trip
V15N12 What's Cookin? Curried Cauliflower Soup / Holiday Season 2016

Volume Fourteen

V14N1 What's Cookin? Aftermath Health Drink Hot Topic: Time To Clean Your Closet
V14N2 What's Cookin? Valentine Crumble Hot Topic: A Fish Stinks From The Head Down
V14N3 What’s Cookin? Colorful Vegetable Plate Hot Topic: Springtime….Time To Cleanse!
V14N4 What’s Cookin? Fennel Hot Topic: Screening and Diagnostic Tools
V14N5 What's Cookin? Tumeric Hot Topic: Superhuman Summit 2015 Review
V14N6 What’s Cookin? HomemadeTeriyaki Sauce Hot Topic: Summertime: Fun or Fatal?
V14N7 What's Cookin? Black Bean Dip Hot Topic: Summer Parties & BBQ
V14N8 What's Cooking? Ruby Red Grapefruit & Avocado Salad Hot Topic: Holiday Recovery
V14N9 What's Cooking? Jicama Hot Topic: Weight Training For Women
V14N10 What's Cooking? Homemade Cranberry Sauce Hot Topic: Immune System Strategies for the Holiday Season
V14N11 What's Cooking? Homemade Soup Stock Hot Topic: CHI Trip to UK and Sicily
V14N12 What's Cooking? Go Green Salad Hot Topic: Holiday Season

Volume Thirteen

V13N1 What's Cookin? Water Or Homemade Stock? HT: Flu Shots
V13N2 What's Cookin? Bison Loaf With A Twist HT: Sochi Winter Olympics 2014
V13N3 What's Cookin? Miso Soup...Revisited HT: Fat Phobia
V13N4 What's Cookin? Lima Beans...Revisited HT: For the Cause?
V13N5 What's Cookin? Iced Coffee HT: Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss
V13N6 What's Cookin? Indian Spices HT: Indian Spices HT: Proving You Are Right...Can Be Wrong!
V13N7 What's Cookin? Magnesium Salad HT: Sunscreen
V13N8 What's Cookin? Black Bean Dip HT: Cell Phoneitis….Robin Williams Suicide
V13N9 What's Cookin? Cashew Black Bean Chili HT: Veronica Emerald...Grandchild No.4
V13N10 What's Cookin? Coconut Flour HT: Everything Always WORKS out!
V13N11 What's Cookin? Spaghetti Squash HT: Bohemian Bollywood Bling Event!
V13N12 What's Cookin? Holiday Curried Waldorf Salad HT: Happy New Year 2015!

Volume Twelve

V12N1 What's Cookin? Bison Meatloaf HT: Bollywood Dancing
V12N2 What's Cookin? Ruby Red Grapefruit & Avocado Salad HT: The Acronym for JOB: Just Over Broke
V12N3 What's Cookin? Wasabi Salmon Tin Pinch HT: Entrepreneur Assets & Benefits
V12N4 What's Cookin? Sardine Spinach & Eggs HT: CHFA Expo West 2013
V12N5 What's Cookin? Coconut Chicken Breast (Bone-In) HT: Tracy's New Book: Simple Strategies
V12N6 What's Cookin? Nutritional Yeast HT: The Security Hassle of Travel
V12N7 What's Cookin? Asian Rainbow Coleslaw with Tahini Dressing HT: Dr.C Wins Mr. Hawaii Grandmaster Title 2013
V12N8 What's Cookin? Ceasar Hamburger Patties HT: Dr.C Prepares for the Natural Universe
V12N9 What's Cookin? Meal On A Stick! HT: Dr.C Wins Silver INBA Natural Universe
V12N10 What's Cookin? Cranberry Coconut Milk Soup HT: Dancing With The Vernon Stars A Big Hit!
V12N11 What's Cookin? Swiss Chard HT: Ontario Lecture Tour Review
V12N12 What's Cookin? Stuffed Potato Skins HT: Dance Fit Class

Volume Eleven

V11N1 What's Cookin? Salmon Snack HT: Hollyday Season
V11N2 What's Cookin? Fresh Juicing HT: Preparation for Surgery: Before & After
V11N3 What's Cookin? Black Bean Carob Chili Pepper Cookie HT: CHI Relocates To Beautiful Vernon BC
V11N4 What's Cookin? Alligators Pears HT: The Gym: The First Thing to Get Organized
V11N5 What's Cookin? Herbal Ice Tea HT: Dance Those Buns Off!
V11N6 What's Cookin? Raw Spinach On The Bottom HT: If You Don’t Want To Do Something, Just Say No
V11N7 What's Cookin? Homemade Pie Crust HT: The Cory Holly Classic (CHC) is Coming!
V11N8 What's Cookin? Nori or Seaweed Wraps HT: London Summer Olympics 2012
V11N9 What's Cookin? Oatmeal: Steel Cut Oats HT: Moderation is the New Extreme
V11N10 What's Cookin? Almond Cranberry Loaf HT: CHI Conference 2012 Review
V11N11 What's Cookin? Mock Teriyaki Sauce Steak & Onions HT: Good Calories Bad Calories
V11N12 What's Cookin? AfterMath HT: Dancing Your Life Away

Volume Ten

V10N1 What’s Cookin? Celebration Soup Hot Topic: You Have All The Tools To Become The Person You Want To Be!
V10N2 What’s Cookin? Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Crème Cheese Icing Hot Topic: Vegetarian Fast Foods, Say What!
V10N3 What’s Cookin? Gluten Free Baking Hot Topic: Principals of Fun
V10N4 What’s Cookin? Miso Soup Hot Topic: Understanding By Verbalizing
V10N5 What’s Cookin? Mother’s Day Brunch Hot Topic: Kid’s: Nurture, Nature and Food
V10N6 What’s Cookin? Quinoa Salad Hot Topic: Emotional Stress and Cancer
V10N7 What’s Cookin? Mango Salsa Hot Topic: Success In Relationships
V10N8 What’s Cookin? Rosemary Chicken Hot Topic: Reuniting With Old Friends
V10N9 What’s Cookin? Spearmint/Sage and Parsley Hot Topic: Are You In The Industry Or Is The Industry In You?
V10N10 What’s Cookin? Shepard’s Pie Hot Topic: Personal Trainer Faux Pas
V10N11 What’s Cookin? Healthy Tacos Hot Topic: Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Sick?
V10N12 What’s Cookin? Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse Hot Topic: Pre-Party-Potion

Volume Nine

V9N1 What’s Cookin? Salads and Homemade Dressings Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Oahu Hawaii
V9N2 What’s Cookin? Chicken Piccata Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Oahu Hawaii
V9N3 What’s Cookin? Garlic Edamame Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Oahu Hawaii
V9N4 What’s Cookin? Papaya and Pineapple Life On The Road In Oahu Hawaii
V9N5 What’s Cookin? Chocolate Vega Carob Cookies Back In Vancouver
V9N6 What’s Cookin? Honey Halva Experiencing A Death
V9N7 What’s Cookin? Beet Bortsch Cory In Canmore Alberta / Tracy In Cranbrook BC
V9N8 What’s Cookin? Sicilian Pasta Hot Topic: 100th Issue of SNU
V9N9 What’s Cookin? Fish Head Soup Hot Topic: Selfish Benevolence
V9N10 What’s Cookin? Spaghetti Squash: The New Pasta Hot Topic: Taking Care Of Your Skin/Pregnancy
V9N11 What’s Cookin? Homemade Cranberry Sauce Hot Topic: Accountability
V9N12 What’s Cookin? Tahini Dressing Hot Topic: Sales Science/CSNA Teaching Program

Volume Eight

V8N1 What’s Cookin? Herbs and Spices Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Texas
V8N2 What’s Cookin? Wilted Spinach Salad Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Texas
V8N3 What’s Cookin? Potato Canapes Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Texas
V8N4 What’s Cookin? Chicken Salad Hot Topic: Tracy's in BC / Cory's In Alabama
V8N5 What’s Cookin? Water as a Base For Soups / Date Squares Hot Topic: Tracy’s in BC / Cory’s in Alabama
V8N6 What’s Cookin? Pesto Patties Hot Topic: Tracy’s in BC / Cory’s in Colorado
V8N7 What’s Cookin? Mango Salsa Hot Topic: Back In Vancouver Reconnecting W/Colleagues & Friends
V8N8 What’s Cookin? Twisted Greek Salad Hot Topic: Visiting Malcolm Island on Vancouver Island
V8N9 What’s Cookin? Three Bean Chili Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Vancouver BC
V8N10 What’s Cookin? Edamame Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii
V8N11 What’s Cookin? Papaya Seed Dressing Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii
V8N12 What’s Cookin? Meal Prepping & Serving A Meal Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii

Volume Seven

V7N1 What’s Cookin? Healthy and Natural Snacks Hot Topic: Giving It All Away
V7N2 What’s Cookin? Preparing Food In The RV Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Washington & Oregon
V7N3 What’s Cookin? Raw Honey Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Southern California
V7N4 What’s Cookin? Seared Ahi Tuna Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Southern California
V7N5 What’s Cookin? Go Green Salad Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Southern California & A Conference in Georgia
V7N6 What’s Cookin? Date Candies Hot Topic: Life On The Road In New Mexico
V7N7 What’s Cookin? BBQ Tofu Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Colorado
V7N8 What’s Cookin? Poached Egg On Wild Rice Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Colorado
V7N9 What’s Cookin? Staying Lean & Healthy On The Road In An RV Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Nevada
V7N10 What’s Cookin? Putting Together A Meal Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Nevada
V7N11 What’s Cookin? Open Face Omelet Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Arizona
V7N12 What’s Cookin? Rich & Tasty Christmas Dinner Ideas Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Arizona

Volume Six

V6N1 What’s Cookin? Tapas/Cocktail Hors’derves Hot Topic: Time Flies When You're Having Fun
V6N2 What’s Cookin? Strong Roasted Coffee Hot Topic: Rhythm
V6N3 What’s Cookin? Silver Dollar Pancakes Hot Topic: When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going!
V6N4 What’s Cookin? Garlic and Onions Hot Topic: Spring Cleaning
V6N5 What’s Cookin? Details for Serving a Meal Hot Topic: The Family Feud
V6N6 What’s Cookin? Bragg’s Aminos Hot Topic: Sabotaging Relationships
V6N7 What’s Cookin? Hummus and Nori Hot Topic: Colgan Power Camp Update
V6N8 What’s Cookin? BBQ Cooking Hot Topic: Going To The Art Gallery
V6N9 What’s Cookin? The Art To Eating In Restaurants Hot Topic: Kindness Comes First
V6N10 What’s Cookin? Protein Power Hot Topic: The Real McCoy’s Are Unbelievable
V6N11 What’s Cookin? Waldorf Salad Hot Topic: What’s Up With The Night Club Scene
V6N12 What’s Cookin? Lentil Curry Soup Hot Topic: Going To The Movies

Volume Five

V5N1 What’s Cookin? Tuna Tataki Hot Topic: Happy New Year! It’s Time To Make It Happen
V5N2 What’s Cookin? Freshly Squeezed Citrus Juice Hot Topic: Even Steven. Who’s Job Is More Important?
V5N3 What’s Cookin? Eating On The Road Hot Topic: Coping With Disappointment
V5N4 What’s Cookin? Gourmet Granola Treat Hot Topic: The Tangled Web We Weave
V5N5 What’s Cookin? Lamb Hot Topic- SNU Behind The Scenes
V5N6 What’s Cookin? Popcorn Treats Hot Topic: Exercise Your Sexual Option
V5N7 What’s Cookin? Carrot, Ginger and Orange Soup Hot Topic: Hydrotherapy. Get Wet!
V5N8 What’s Cookin? Banana Bread Hot Topic: Wonderful, Wonderful Water!
V5N9 What’s Cookin? Wraps Hot Topic: Dance Fever. Hot, Hot, Hot!
V5N10 What’s Cookin? Broiled Tomatoes Hot Topic: Puppy Love and Pet Care
V5N11 What’s Cookin? Healthy Munchie and Nibbly Treats Hot Topic: Training Outdoors
V5N12 What’s Cookin? Date Shakes Hot Topic: Goal Setting

Volume Four

V4N1 What’s Cookin? Homemade Soups Hot Topic: Diamonds and People. Complex and Multi-Faceted
V4N2 What’s Cookin? Back to the Basics of Diet Hot Topic: Running Ragged & Taking Time for You
V4N3 What’s Cookin? Ghee Hot Topic: Teen Talk. Who’s The Boss?
V4N4 What’s Cookin? Healthy Condiments Hot Topic: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? I Don’t Think So!
V4N5 What's Cookin? Special Guest Anniversary Hot Topic: Discussion, Review and Quotes
V4N6 What’s Cookin? Lasagna Hot Topic: Count Your Wellness Blessings
V4N7 What’s Cookin? Penne with Garbonzo Bean and Broccoli Hot Topic: C’mon Ladies. Pump It Up!
V4N8 What’s Cookin? Sautéed Zucchini and Tomato Hot Topic: The 24 Hour Money Challenge
V4N9 What’s Cookin? Leafy Greens Hot Topic: Back to School Back to Work
V4N10 What’s Cookin? Greek Salad Hot Topic: If it’s Not Working, Change Your Mind
V4N11 What’s Cookin? Athlete’s Cookbook / Back to Basics Hot Topic: What Body Type Are You?
V4N12 What’s Cookin? Roasted Garlic Hot Topic: Discipline for Teenagers. Too Soft or Too Hard?

Volume Three

V3N1 What’s Cookin? Let’s Talk Turkey Hot Topic: Getting Back on Track after the Holidays
V3N2 What’s Cookin? Starchy Carbohydrates Hot Topic: Flu Shots?
V3N3 What’s Cookin? Stir Fry Hot Topic: Charity Begins at Home
V3N4 What’s Cookin? Fruit Crumble Hot Topic: The Myth of Spot Reducing
V3N5 What’s Cookin? Protein Shakes Hot Topic: F Your Way to the Top
V3N6 What’s Cookin? Marinades for Meat, Fish, Chicken or Tofu Hot Topic: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
V3N7 What’s Cookin? Potato Salad Hot Topic: Circle of Life, Courage and Acceptance
V3N8 What’s Cookin? Homemade Popsicle's Hot Topic: Seeking Approval?
V3N9 What’s Cookin? Kids Lunchboxes Hot Topic: Passion Pays
V3N10 What’s Cookin? Fresh Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Hot Topic: Judgment & Judging a Situation
V3N11 What’s Cookin? The Athlete’s Cookbook / Back to Basics Hot Topic: Social Skills. Do You Have Any?
V3N12 What’s Cookin? PPP [Pre-Party Potion] Hot Topic: Feet First. Working From the Ground Up

Volume Two

V2N1 What's Cookin? What Is Getting Fit All About? Hot Topic: Disciplined Regimen, Diet and Intensity in Training
V2N2 What's Cookin? Coping with Chaos and Crisis Hot Topic: When the Rubber Hits the Road True Character Is Revealed
V2N3 What's Cookin? Prerequisites for Choosing a Life Mate / Partner Hot Topic: Benefits of Learning to Ballroom Dance
V2N4 What's Cookin? Benefits of Sprinting Hot Topic: Staples, Snacks and Treats in That Order
V2N5 What's Cookin? SNU Highlights Hot Topic: One Year Anniversary Special
V2N6 What's Cookin? How do You Find Time to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? Hot Topic:Shift Work Dilemma
V2N7 What's Cookin? Sex Education for Kids Hot Topic: Romance versus Sex
V2N8 What's Cookin? Ageless Attitudes Hot Topic: Your Body Talks to You...So Listen Up!
V2N9 What’s Cookin? Date Squares Hot Topic: Emotional Intelligence
V2N10 What’s Cookin? Oatmeal Hot Topic: What Animal Do You Represent?
V2N11 What’s Cookin? A Dozen Ways to Make an Egg Hot Topic: Be Mindful of What You Put in Your Mouth
V2N12 What’s Cookin? Freshly Squeezed Juices Hot Topic: Breast Cancer Epidemic

Volume One

V1N4 What's Cooking? Tracy’s Experience Preparing for Master’s Level Female BB Competition Hot Topic: Blood Type Diet for Clients
V1N5 What's Cookin? Attitude and Wholefoods for Bodybuilding Competition Hot Topic: Nutrition and Lifestyle for Kids
V1N6 What's Cookin? Volunteering: The Politics of Coaching Kids in after School Sports Teams Hot Topic: Being a Physical Role Model for Kids
V1N7 What's Cookin? The Effects of External Environment on Health Hot Topic: Demonstrating Good Sportsmanship in Sport
V1N8 What's Cooking? Who Should Join a Gym? Hot Topic: Benefits of Joining a Gym
V1N9 What's Cookin? Exploring the Different Facets Of Our Being Hot Topic: The 8 Facets of Our Beingl
V1N10 What's Cookin? The Benefits of Positive Affirmations Hot Topic: Attitude Is Everything!
V1N11 What's Cookin? CHFA Expo East 2002 Hot Topic: CHI Conference & Speaker Topic Highlights
V1N12 What's Cooking? The Athlete’s Cookbook Hot Topic: Making Your Own Food

Clinical Review
Special Guest Interviews