CSNA Advisory Board

Dr. Colgan and Dr. Winterdyke authored two of the original books that were included in the first edition of the CSNA Education Program. Both experts were chosen by Cory as CSNA Honorary Advisors due to their academic credentials, individual expertise and professional reputation in the science and field of sports nutrition. CSNA Honorary Advisors support the work of CHI and are utilized as professional consultants and technicians.

CSNA Honorary Advisors

Cory personally hand-selected all ten of the CSNA Expert Advisors to assist him in creating the most reliable and scientifically accurate information possible. Each Advisor reviewed one of the ten course modules during the initial editing stages prior to publishing the first edition of the CSNA Education Program. Each CSNA Advisor was selected due to their educational background, individual expertise, industry experience and moral character.

CSNA Advisory Board Members

Module 1 Advisor Brad King MS MFS
Module 2 Advisor Franco Cavaleri BSc
Module 3 Advisor Daniel Crisafi MH ND PhD
Module 4 Advisor Norm Danniels CEO
Module 5 Advisor Gina Nick ND PhD
Module 6 Advisor Lee Labrada BA
Module 7 Advisor Sherry Torkos BSc Phm
Module 8 Advisor Fred Haynes PhD
Module 9 Advisor Tutti Gould ND DC
Module 10 Advisor Michael Horowitz DC