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“The secret to mastering diet and nutrition with balance and precision equal to exercise is to eat as hard as you train.”

Paige Branting CSNA Master

"The people I have met in the fitness industry have greatly shaped who I am now. Not everyone has been the greatest person ever, but in general people who have worked hard to improve themselves are typically better people, I have found. You really notice the divide between those who make their health a priority and those who don’t."

Spruce Grove, Alberta

Nicholas McKnight CSNA

"Exercise is not seen at all as something that is necessary for health. Everyone knows it but how many people should be acting upon it? Through information and explanation of healthy life choices with nutrition and exercise we reach people. Its an educational issue as much as anything else."

North Vancouver, BC

George Tausan CSNA

"I enjoyed learning raw knowledge from the CSNA, and it has helped me to elevate my physique and performance applying what I learned in the program. I intend to achieve recognition in the field of Personal training, strength and conditioning."

Burnaby, BC

Katie Greenwood CSNA

"Sports nutrition is my passion and teaching others my passion is my purpose. I am always learning, experimenting and discovering the world of health and wellness and in return it rewards me with the knowledge and benefits one could only dream of."

Shirley, BC

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