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In this world of uncertainty it's essential to find purpose through your personal quest for optimum health and wellness

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Ryan Sleigh CSNA

"I will continue to strive eternally for higher levels of health and wellness and pursue the greatest level of understanding and execution of healthy living and human performance possible within my own realm. I will continue to orientate my career within the health and fitness industry."

Ottawa, Ontario

Chloe Koehle CSNA

"Long term, my dream is to work with one-on-one clients, specifically women, and help them achieve their health and wellness goals. I want to empower them to believe in themselves, prioritize their health and wellness, and give them the tools to live the life of their dreams, whatever that looks like to them."

North Vancouver, BC

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Darrell Greenwood CSNA Master

"The greatest hope of our organic farm is to share the highest vibrational food with the world while at the same time inspiring others to live in a different way. We farm from the heart in a manner that betters the land for future generations to come. We hope our Livin'The'Dream'Farm will carry on long after us, inspiring and teaching our children, and leaving behind a footprint that we can be proud of."

Shirley, BC

Claire Madin CSNA

"In the 21st Century, it can be challenging to achieve optimum health but it is possible! I choose to be the Captain of my ship, and steer it into positive territory by accepting responsibility, setting course, and being true to myself on where I want to go"

Vancouver, BC

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