Online School of Holistic Health, Sport & Exercise Nutrition

"Everyone has an Athlete hiding inside their DNA waiting to be expressed through physical activity, sport and exercise"

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Tracy Cook CSNA

"Study and learning is a way of life for me. I am driven by my desire to know more and to be a better version of myself. Through my study of Sports Nutrition I now have a broader understanding of the importance of scientific research and the multitude of different ways in which science can be used to enhance the lives of each person."

Richmond BC

Asma Kassam CSNA

"My hopes as a CSNA are to continually shed light and deeper education in everyday topics that come up such as carbohydrates, protein, stress, fatigue, weight loss, lack of time, and so on."

Vancouver BC

Holistic, Integrative & Functional Online Sports Nutrition Education Center...

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Caroline Mundell CSNA Master

"I found this course to be amazing. Everything that I have read fits with my belief systems and personal experiences with nutrition and its effect on not only the bodies visual appearance, but also the impact on brain chemistry and in turn behavior. My personal health goals are to continue to stay active and age “gracefully” by applying proper nutrition and training principles to myself."

Coquitlam BC

Nicole Hicks CSNA Master

"This program has provided me with the insight and motivation to train for life. It has helped guide me towards the direction that I want to live and the direction to pursue my career. It was a great opportunity to network and converse on like minded topics."

Canmore Alberta