Welcome to CHI: Online School of Holistic Sports Nutrition

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“CHI is the only school in the world that provides student graduates with a direct means of teaching sports nutrition”

The Cory Holly Institute (CHI) is an online School that specializes in holistic, integrative and functional sports nutrition. CHI is the exclusive distributor of the CSNA Education Program. CHI also provides course electives, consultation, seminars, conference & trade shows, fitness camps, mentorship, audio, text and video education.

Holistic, Integrative & Functional Online Sports Nutrition Education Center

CHI education and certification programs prepare students for employment in a wide variety of fitness, nutrition and health related fields including health food stores, fitness centers, personal training, coaching, athletic training, personal consulting, teaching, writing, lecturing, dietary supplement formulation, seminar planning, marketing and personal business development. CHI strongly advocates self-employment and personalized job creation.

CHI student graduates are qualified to teach nutrition science, analyze diets and create diet and fitness programs for clients that enhance health, function and performance. CHI courses help students create and develop their own unique CAREER PATH in health and fitness related professions. CSNA Master Teachers are qualified to teach sports nutrition intro courses to their own students or on behalf of CHI approved Education Partners

CHI Education Objective and Mission

The Education Objective and Mission of CHI is to enhance student knowledge of optimum functional health and personalized wellness. This is achieved by teaching students how to get well holistically & functionally and age with excellent health through applied fitness and nutrition science. CSNA Graduates are qualified to teach the knowledge they learn to their own clients, customers, friends and family members. CHI is the only school of holistic, integrative and functional sports nutrition in the world that provides its students with a direct means of teaching sports nutrition as a self-employed, self-directed career in a classroom style environment.

CHI is Green and Sustainable: 21st Century e-Learning

Welcome to the digital age! All CHI certification courses including study guides, course text, audio tutorials and student examinations are 100% digital and online. Nothing physical is mailed out by snail mail. Everything is sent out electronically via the internet. After each student enrolls in any online course or program they typically gain access to their study programs and SNU audio tutorials without significant delay. Students simply download the course files, audio tutorials and video updates from the internet directly to their PC, Mac, eReader or MP3 Player.

CHI is Affordable

Canadian students pay on average well over $5000.00 in tuition fees per year to attend university full-time. In the United States the average annual tuition to attend a private nonprofit four-year college is between $20,000.00 and $35,000.00. Working toward a conventional college degree is time consuming and very expensive. Up to 95% of the tuition fees are dedicated to building maintenance and teacher salaries. Students typically graduate with a massive debt load that takes years to pay off with no guarantee of employment, income or job satisfaction.

Online e-Learning Solution

Learn from the comfort of your own home. Work at your own pace and pay a tuition that is reasonable, cost effective and one that you can afford. Earn while you learn! Get instant information you want and need on the subject you love and have a genuine interest in. In this millennium, career opportunity and success depends mostly on your own personal motivation, quality of work and ability to get along with others. A degree does not make the man or woman. The man or woman makes the degree! Make it happen yourself! Focus on the knowledge you need instantly. Waste no time on topics that have no relevance to your destination or personal interest.

CHI is an Acronym for...Consumer Health Information

CHI is committed to providing students and consumers of health education worldwide with science based leading edge education resources in the area of holistic sports nutrition, health and fitness. Graduates of the CSNA education program act as beacons of light in a world thirsty for reliable information, direction and leadership. CHI Role Models of Health are the product of quality education and a strong work ethic. CHI On Facebook

CHI is an Acronym for...Courage, Honor & Integrity

Courage is the state or quality of mind that enables one to face danger, overcome fear and not fold under pressure with confidence and bravery. Without courage one cannot apply wisdom or stand for justice.

Honor is a code of dignity and pride. Honor is associated with a good name, respect and a reputation for uprightness of character.

Integrity is a parallel between what is said and what is done. It is reliability and moral soundness. Integrity is the state of being unimpaired and whole.