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“Do what it takes to stay well each day or your form and function will slowly slip away as you lose touch with health”

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Leon David CSNA

"A CSNA can help teach the difference between whole food and refined foods and explain how they assist in achieving ideal body composition, improving immunity and enhancing overall health. When combined with natural health products, exercise and physical activity, improved vitality and a zest for life is not only possible, it‟s practically unavoidable."

Brisbane Australia

Nicole Hicks CSNA Master

"This program has provided me with the insight and motivation to train for life. It has helped guide me towards the direction that I want to live and the direction to pursue my career. Having the opportunity to meet with Cory in Hawaii has been the highlight of my studies. It was a great opportunity to network and converse on like minded topics. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this mentorship."
Canmore Alberta

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Cherith Hamman CSNA Master

"After studying to become a Sports Nutrition Advisor, I have learned many new things and gained a much deeper understanding on a multitude of topics that I thought I knew about but have come to find I had only brushed the surface on."

Princeville Kaui Hawaii

Remy Moelchant CSNA

“The CSNA course has altered my life completely. Before taking this course I thought I took enough care of my body. My knowledge concerning nutrition, sports, the environment (and its influence on me) was mainly based on experience, friends, family and self practice."

Venlo Netherlands