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"The best diet and exercise program when individualized to our unique make-up and body type is useless if not applied"

Keena Schaerrer CSNA

"My intent as a CSNA, Personal Trainer, Triathlon Coach and CrossFit Affiliate is to make the world of optimum health available to everyone that desires to live their life to their fullest potential. My desire is to educate, encourage and motivate others to make healthy choices."

Pleasant Grove Utah

Spencer Coppin CSNA

"The CSNA course has been a rewarding process. I would like to thank Cory and Tracy for sharing all that they have learned with me."

Richmond BC

Debbie Perry CSNA Master

“The Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor course was a “Big Bang Event” in my life. I was lifted out of my own black hole of frustration and cast into an ever expanding universe of knowledge. I felt like I had been given the tools to be able to chart my own course in my life without the chains of poor health holding me back from those things I was really meant to do."

Ogden Utah

Jorge Rodrigo Gómez Baeza CSNA

"I currently work as professor in some colleges where I teach exercise physiology and sports nutrition, that is why I took this sports nutrition certification. For me a great achievement is when I am able to work in the field that I enjoy the most"

Santiago Chile

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