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CSNA certification provides student grads with a direct means of teaching sports nutrition as true health ambassadors

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Mandeep Dhillon CSNA

"My career objective is to be a personal trainer who has a good knowledge of the role that nutrition plays in fitness and wellness. I would also like to get into the best shape ever so that I can serve as a good role model in my community."

Surrey BC

Matthew Boykowich CSNA

"It’s amazing when you can change yourself for the better. This is why I became a personal trainer, I want to show people what health and fitness can do for them. I want to teach people that they are strong and capable. I want people to feel what I feel!"

Abbotsford BC

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Liz Toles CSNA

"Body typing is significant because if we can identify the genetic variations or biochemical individualities of a person, we can create a program of change that is more focused on their varied metabolic efficiencies and nutritional requirements. These tailored programs should result in more effective and positive change."

Lethbridge AB

Leon David CSNA

"A CSNA can help teach the difference between whole food and refined foods and explain how they assist in achieving ideal body composition, improving immunity and enhancing overall health. When combined with natural health products, exercise and physical activity, improved vitality and a zest for life is not only possible, it’s practically unavoidable."

Brisbane Australia

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