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“To succeed in the game of life 'health wise' you have to do what has to be done and play smart according to the rules”

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Karen McCoy CSNA Master

"We have the gift of knowing how to enhance our own lives. This means practicing a whole foods diet, adopting an active lifestyle, and knowing how to apply high quality supplements based on our individual physical and metabolic needs and our goals and objectives. We must pass this on to others."

North Saanich, BC

Matthew Boykowich CSNA

"It’s amazing when you can change yourself for the better. This is why I became a personal trainer, I want to show people what health and fitness can do for them. I want to teach people that they are strong and capable. I want people to feel what I feel!"

Abbotsford BC

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Nicole Sims CSNA

"What I want to achieve most is to live a long and healthy life myself, giving me the energy to care for my family to the best of my ability for as long as I can. I want to keep slowly marching forward, trying to be better than I was yesterday. After helping myself and my family, I wish to help as many others as possible to find a healthy lifestyle."

Vancouver BC

Viktor Blagojevic CSNA

"My optimal goal is to motivate people that anything is possible and that the last variable that should hold you back is your age. Age is just a number and there is a big difference between Chronological and Biological age. Anything is possible as long as you have a clear vision of doing it."

Coquitlam BC