Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Consisting of ten instructive learning modules that took more than a decade to research and develop, this comprehensive distance learning education program certifies each student as a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor.

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CSNA Masters Program

Create A Sports Nutrition Video Documentary Featuring You!

The CSNA Masters Program is an academic status of higher standing granted to CSNA graduates who have undergone further research, study and preparation to demonstrate personal mastery and a higher-order of accomplishment in sports nutrition.

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CSNA Master Teacher Program

Teach Sports Nutrition in a Classroom Environment

CSNA Master Teachers are trained and qualified to teach the Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN) intro course to their own students or on behalf of any CHI Education Partner

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Sales & Service (Retail)

The Art of Selling Vitamins (The Greatest Vitamin Salesperson in the World)

This certification education program teaches the student how to sell natural health products as a top notch ethical professional in a demanding and highly competitive environment. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world, but to be successful you must know how to listen, talk and engage with people as a well trained expert.

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PSN Education Program

A Complete Teaching Kit for CSNA Master Teachers

This intro course covers 110 sports nutrition principles and is designed exclusively for CSNA Master Teachers who would like to earn additional revenue by teaching sports nutrition to students in a classroom style environment.

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How To Get Well (Recipe For Health)

The Steps That Lead To Better Health & Wellness

This certification education program reviews the steps that are necessary to understand and apply for those searching for better health and optimum wellness. Students will learn how to live and get well and derive motivation to apply necessary change. This course defines optimum health and describes the ten principles steps essential to its achievement.

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