CSNA Student Authored Books

CHI is proud to promote any book written by a CSNA Student, CSNA Graduate or CHI Member. This page is dedicated as a listing for that purpose. Please contact us if you would like to see your book listed on this webpage. To qualify you need to be a student, student graduate, CHI member or a contributing special guest writer who authored an educational article for the course.

Easy Body Upgrade

If you are looking for a diet book that tells you exactly what to eat and drink (and what not to eat and drink) in order to lose body fat rapidly and feel and look years younger, this is the one!

Author: Thomas Ehle CSNA
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The Ultimate Nutrition Bible

End the war with your diet by creating an optimized nutrition plan based on your goals, your genes, and your personal needs. This all-in-one, comprehensive guide to the current diet and nutritional landscape will help you establish a personalized sustainable dietary strategy based on your goals, genetics, and unique needs.

Authors. Matt Gallant and Wade T. Lightheart CSNA
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Abs At 60: The Four Steps to Look and Feel Younger at Any Age

As an author, public speaker, health and fitness influencer and a coach, I wrote Abs at 60to help youlive the life of your dreams. The book title and cover show you what I did and what is possible at age 60, but looking and feeling younger, which is much easier to do than having visible abs, is the best option for most people. This book will guide you through the four steps of my DOLR(TM) system to help you look and feel younger.

Author: Gregory Robert Damian CSNA
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Live Well Beyond 120

Live Well Beyond 120: Best Practices for Living a Long, Happy and Meaningful Life is the result of my answering the question of what message I am sending to my cells and is my vehicle for helping other people do the same. This book is based on beliefs, the science of longevity (I cite over 200 sources), and my personal experiences. The list of best practices I created is organized in the categories of Spirit, Body and Mind.

Author: Gregory Robert Damian CSNA
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Belinda's BETTER BODY Cookbook

A Collection of 170 Healthy Clean-Eating Recipes for your whole family. Fueling your body with good wholesome food is the key to good health and longevity. The recipes in this cookbook have been developed, tested and tweaked to meet the criteria of Healthy Eating. Belinda hopes you enjoy these recipes as much as her friends and family members and clients have. Enjoy!

Author: Belinda Morrison CSNA Student

Whatever It Takes!

Whatever It Takes! contains extraordinary strategies that will help you create a positive attitude towards your life and give you the success you want. With this book as your guide, prepare your soul, heart, mind and body to discover your inner greatness. Nick is featured as a special guest writer in Module Eight of the CSNA Education Program.

Author: Nick Ugoalah
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One Rep at a Time

One Rep at a Time chronicles Karen’s journey from tough childhood to bodybuilding champion, and how living through her son’s challenges with muscular dystrophy forced her into re-defining what true health and wellness is all about. It includes access to her unique 8-Week BLISS Body Makeover Program, for any woman of any age!

Author: Karen McCoy CSNA Master

Physiological Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs on Health, Stress and Athletic Performance

Stress is real. We all experience it, and it can't be avoided. Adaptogens are unique phytonutrients that support the body in times of stress. This book explores modern and traditional usage of several of the most popular adaptogens as they apply to health, stress, and athletic performance.

Author: Wayne Pedranti CSNA Master
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Par For Life - The Front Nine

Par For Life - The Front Nine combines golf instruction with gentle but effective exercises designed to get your body in a better alignment to take on the game. Along with nutritional information and plenty of healthy recipes, Par For Life - The Front Nine gives you the tools to play golf as much as you want for as long as you like.

Author: Kevin Paluch CSNA Master
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mKlifefit: Health Made Simple

A life changing 12 week program in 3 structured phases designed to give you the healthy balance you need to live the way you want and get into the best shape of your life.

Author: Matt Kendrick CSNA Master

Staying Alive In A Toxic World

This book was written to demonstrate how YOU can bring more vitality back into your life, build up your stamina, and access incredible amounts of energy to do the things you love.

Author: Wade T Lightheart CSNA