Module Four: Dietary Supplements

This module investigates the role of dietary supplements; how millions of people benefit from them, how lives are saved because of them and their enormous popularity in bodybuilding, strength training, sport, fitness and weight management. We'll examine why allopathic mainstream physicians in North America don't routinely prescribe and how politics, rather than objective science, is used to regulate them. We'll focus on specific issues that pertain to dietary supplements, such as quality control and labeling tactics, regulatory affairs, and learn how to effectively evaluate nutritional supplements by surveying the available scientific literature.

We'll also look at what makes a study reliable, why 'double-blind' is not the 'be all end all', and the difference between true science and pseudo-science. You will understand the process behind research, product analysis and manufacturing, and discover why Health Canada's version of the FDA is not representing our best interests.

The section on essential nutrients examines fat and water-soluble vitamins, macro and micro minerals, toxic metals, vitamin safety and toxicity, specific supplements for different physical activities, natural vs. synthetic, why 'natural' is a misnomer, and a number of reasons why individuals may be taking supplements and not seeing benefits.

We take a W5 look at The Big Four; 4 superb products proven over time to enhance the performance of virtually any athlete, namely: whey protein isolate, creatine monohydrate, HMB and L-glutamine. An in-depth account of D-Ribose, sport beverages, meal replacements and fat-burners is provided, and you will also learn the structure and function of fatty acids, essential amino acids and their role in the body; enzymes, glandular supplementation, herbal supplements, special super foods for improving health, life and longevity, and a wide range of accessory nutrients beneficial to enhancing mental and physical functioning.

We'll look at a variety of protein supplements on the market, and determine how to choose the right supplements to benefit your performance by analyzing in detail The Hierarchy of Athletic Supplements Pyramid.

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