CSNA Study Modules

The CSNA education program consists of 10 Study Modules (PDF Format). To become certified as a CSNA, students must complete all ten study modules, submit a personal fitness assessment and write a final dissertation. As an option to enrollment in the complete CSNA education program, which includes all 10 study modules, students can enroll in any module of their choice and complete one module at a time.

CSNA Sixth Edition 2019

Module 1 Human Anatomy
Module 2 Energy and Cellular Metabolism
Module 3 The Primary Building Blocks
Module 4 Dietary Supplement Review
Module 5 Body Typing and Individual Assessment
Module 6 Training and Exercise Philosophy
Module 7 Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
Module 8 Performance Enhancing Drugs
Module 9 Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
Module 10 Screening and Diagnostic Tools

Each CSNA Module is worth 20 CEC's with the BCRPA. The entire CSNA Education Program is worth 200 CEC's, the highest Credit Value currently listed by the BCRPA for any single Pre-Approved Distance Education Workshop.

BCRPA Distance Education