Module Seven: Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight

In this module, we probe the science of reducing body fat and creating an excellent physique through training principles, nutrition, natural health products (NHPs), and understanding the psychology of both living lean and building dense tissue naturally. You will learn why "dieting" degrades wellness, how to create an 'aboriginal' diet for health and longevity, the traditional wisdom in balancing foods, and how to improve exercise recovery through nutritional principles.

We investigate the world of ergogenics and anabolics, how your muscles fatigue and discover ways to beat the burn with the body's own natural buffering system. As muscle is the sole objective for many, we discuss how to harness the anabolic drive created through training and the notion of taking anti-catabolic supplements. Is there a problem with quality control? Should we be concerned about label claims and advertising integrity?

Module Seven also focuses on body composition assessment, manipulating carbohydrates as your premium fuel, carb-loading as a complex strategy, battling the bulge with control & power and creating your own personal sports nutrition program. The module completes itself by reviewing general principles to keep in mind when designing a dietary or exercise protocol for anyone, such as the influence of food chemistry, the acid/alkaline balance of food, why counting calories is a waste of time, the importance of maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and why a certain psychology must be developed to achieve your ideal bodyweight.

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