Module Three: The Primary Building Blocks

In Module Three, we review Dr.C's own Recipe For Health, analyzing the importance of clean air, pure water, fresh-pressed live juices, whole natural foods, natural light, physical exercise, personal hygiene, fasting and bowel cleansing, adequate rest and sleep, and nutritional supplements. As an athlete, you will learn how to protect yourself against the detrimental effects of air pollution and come to understand the importance of water quality and optimum hydration before, during and after training.

The multiple advantages of adequate rest and sleep will be brought to your attention, as well as nutritional strategies designed to augment hGH release and stabilize nocturnal blood sugar levels, which greatly influence growth and recovery. In the section on personal hygiene, we look at the benefits of heat therapy and sauna, and discover how skin brushing can increase blood circulation and improve lymph drainage and elimination. We'll study the habits of traditional native societies, including their diet and lifestyle, and consider how it affects their health and well-being.

An entire section is devoted to The Athlete's Food Pyramid©, which challenges Canada's Food Guide and the USDA Food Pyramid. Whole natural foods and their protective characteristics vs. modern commercial foods are discussed, including the benefits of consuming raw foods, the truth about cholesterol, how fat substitutes can damage health, why refined sucrose and fructose are worse than artificial sweeteners and the importance of fish and their fat-soluble nutrients.

Then we'll analyze the qualities inherent in omnivorous and vegetarian diets, consider some of the most common nutritional myths dominating society today, learn how to calculate anyone's protein requirements, why athletes definitely need more grams of protein per kilogram of lean mass, discover what is meant by "biological value", look at bioengineered foods, and finally, speculate as to the future of the human diet.

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