Module Six: Training and Exercise Philosophy

For optimum health, the body and the mind need to be routinely detoxified through physical activity, and specifically, through a self-monitored, diligent, and progressive training regimen. In this module, we will examine the history and philosophy behind resistance training, discuss how and why it is important for you to determine your objectives, and then review the importance of motivation, attitude and setting attainable goals. Intensity is compared to volume, and we analyze how to prepare for good workout.

Next we look at the benefits of cross-training, examine the symptoms of over-training, and identify the true essence behind lifelong health and fitness. You will learn about bodyshaping for women, the definition of health, the importance of physical fitness and natural health products for children and seniors. Other topics of interest include necessary training accessories, safety and etiquette in the gym, training at home vs. the gym, and the criteria necessary for seeking out a personal trainer.

In the last section, we will explore a variety of workouts designed for different goals and focus on the essence of a good training program. You will learn how to set up an effective and efficient exercise program and chart your progress.

Additional topics of interest include essential keys to training success, the benefits of stretching and yoga, the science of biological bodybuilding and its rational approach, the need for aerobic exercise, the principle of periodization, individual potential and the role of genetics.

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