Module Nine: Training Injuries: Natural Treatment

The human body has the inherent ability to heal. Biological Medicine is an appropriate term that describes the use of Nature's remedies to empower the body to heal itself, reinforce performance, and fulfill the biological needs that increase during athletic activity and intense physical training. In this module, we focus on training injuries, primary causes and their effects on training progress, while exploring the natural approach to preventing and treating injuries, where the individual is seen as a complete living entity, not a machine composed of separate, individual parts.

You will understand why common sports injuries are often better treated within the framework of a natural healing method that encompasses and works along with Nature and all of its healing powers, focusing on the principles of naturopathy, various types of massage therapies, and the benefits of chiropractic medicine, osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, magnetic field therapy, nutrition and herbalism.

Various forms of water therapy are presented including cryotherapy, and a case is made in favour of using fresh juice therapy for tissue mending. A number of natural health products including plant enzymes are also discussed with specific reference to reducing pain and inflammation. The module ends with some great ideas for a natural first aid kit to keep in your gym bag.

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