Tracy Holly Biography

As a Professional...

After graduating from high school in Nelson B.C Tracy Kaye Holly joined Dance City Studios in Vancouver B.C to commence a teaching degree in Ballroom and Latin dance. Her extensive and eclectic dance training led to a successful career to compete professionally for Canada. Tracy has many National and International championship titles in several category styles including International Standard and Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm, Theater Arts, Cabaret and Disco.

Since moving to Vernon in 2012 Tracy has become very active in the dance community. Her popularity began with Holly Bollywood Dance Troupe which led to working as a coach for the Vernon Dancing with the Stars as well as the Vernon Recreation Centre and Maven Lane School, teaching several Kids classes including Tot Bee Bop, Move’ n’Groove and Musical Theatre.

Tracy recently added Country and Latin line dancing to her repertoire. Her DanceFIT class on Saturday’s has become very popular; this class includes dancers’ exercises and finishes with fabulous Showstopper choreography. In the summer months Tracy prepares her dancers for Halloween season....choreographing Thriller, Witches Dance and soon Day of the Dead. You can see Tracy and her TKH Dancers perform at Civic Sounds in the summer and many other venues and special events throughout the city of Vernon. Tracy enjoys a good dance party. In 2019 began her own production company ‘The Party Team’ which includes DJ Wizard and a whole lot of fun on the dance floor.

As an athlete . . .

In her forties Tracy pursued the sport of bodybuilding. She was drawn to the powerful energy of a muscular body and intrigued by the like minded individuals the gym environment attracted. As a result this opened the door to a new career opportunity to invest as the owner and operator of Spartacus Athletic Club in East Vancouver.

Tracy’s love of the sport led her to compete in Masters Bodybuilding, Mixed Pairs and Fitness categories. She continues to maintain her physique through weight training, barre class and Pilates.

As a professional writer...

Tracy has been a regular columnist for the following magazines, e-newsletters and trade journals:

  • VISTA Magazine
  • STATUS Fitness Magazine
  • Infofit eNewsletter
  • Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine
  • Victoria Lifestyles Magazine
  • The Status Magazine

On a personal note . . .

Throughout her life Tracy has learned the benefits of staying well and how to prevent disease in her body. She is a health and fitness enthusiast and an advocate of alternative natural medicine, sports nutrition products, vitamins and above all a nutritious whole food diet. Over the years Tracy has become a fantastic whole food cook. As she ages she has seen many of her family, good friends and colleagues suffer needlessly as a result of their lifestyle choices. This empowers her to stay on track and take pleasure in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle for her and her family.

She believes that the choices we make will directly affect the outcome of performance in day to day life. How can anyone live their dreams if they have poisonous blood running through their veins? Good health is a four letter word W-O-R-K = Willing, Order, Repetition, Knowledge. Seek it and you’ll find it! The true joy of living comes from a healthy open mind and strong body. Tracy’s key to success is consistency. Her words of wisdom she shares are…Never give up. Never stop. Never look back. Move forward and upward and most of all have faith.

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