Clinical Review

Sustainability: What it Really Means

V12N1a - Topics
Never Mind The Environment. What About You?
Based On Evidence, Your Life Either "Is" or "Isn't" Sustainable
Life Is A Gift and Science Is A Wonderful Guide
Take A Step Back, Analyze Everything and Live According to Reason

PSN No. 14: Endocrine Glands

V11N12a - Topics
People Are Struggling Within Themselves For Many Reasons
Hormones Exert Dramatic Effects On The Cell Very Quickly
Eicosanoids Include Prostaglandins and Luekotrienes
Hormones Are Basically Chemical Messengers

Too Much Too Little Too Late

V11N11a - Topics
Too Much Means You’re Eating Too Much!
Too Little Means Not Enough Exercise Or Intensity!
Too Late Means You're Staying Up Too Late!
There Are Six Basic Human Emotions

Contest Preparation: Mr. Hawaii 2013 (Part 4)

V11N10a - Topics
Natural Bodybuilding Demands Dietary Discipline
Cory's 100 Days Out Diet Reviewed
Follow the Rules of Science: Do the Work!
Staying Fresh & Vital as You Cut Up for the Show

Contest Preparation: Mr. Hawaii 2013 (Part 3)

V11N9a - Topics
Biological Bodybuilding is About Courage, Honor & Integrity
Cory's Typical Year Round Standard Diet Reviewed
The Best Diet is Whole, Natural, Clean and Organic
Reinforce Your Meals With Shakes & Dietary Supplements

Contest Preparation: Mr. Hawaii 2013 (Part 2)

V11N8a - Topics
Contest Periodization: Macrocycle & Mesocycles
Periodization Prevents Stagnation & Training Plateaus
The Chief Goal Is Not To Get Injured!
Eat as Hard As You Train!

Contest Preparation: Mr. Hawaii 2013

V11N7a - Topics
Competition Planning Begins One Year in Advance
To Prevent Injury and Damage Dr.C Competes Once Every 5 Years
Create a Detailed Training & Nutrition Map of the Event 12 Months Out
Consume Whole Fresh Foods Year Round: Real Diet Begins 100 Days Out

PSN No. 13: Bones & Joints

V11N6a - Topics
The Human Skeleton Is Comprised Of 206 Bones
The Skeleton Acts As A Storage Facility For Lipids
Bone Is Living Tissue Made Of Specialized Cells
Many Prescription Drugs are Extremely Detrimental to Bone Health

Recovery: Essential to Health & Wellness

V11N5a - Topics
Recovery Is A Primary Biological Response and Complex Organic Process
Quick and Efficient Recovery Means Things Are Going Well
Without An Ample Supply Of Energy Post-Workout, Recovery Is Prolonged
Recovery Is As Important As The Training Itself

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

V11N4a - Topics
CHI PRIME DIRECTIVE: Supply Your Biological Demand
Dietary Variation From One Person To The Next Can Be Substantial
The Diet Should Conform To The Individual: Not The Other Way Around
A Slower Rate Of Digestion Helps Maintain A Steady Stream Of Glucose


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