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PSN No. 6: Nutrition

V10N3a - Topics
Nutrition Comes After “Sports” But Never Underestimate Its Power
Another Name For Nutrition Is ENERGY or VITALITY
In The Game Of Life And In The Sport Of Living We Need Nourishment
Blend The Consciousness Of Health with the Science of Fitness and Nutrition

PSN No. 5: Muscle: The Health Engine

V10N2a - Topics
Muscle Is The Health Engine Of The Body
Muscle Needs To Serviced, Looked After, Nourished And Rested
Muscle Is Where Fatty Acids Are Burned For Energy
Sarcopenia Implies The Slow, Gradual And Inevitable Wasting Of Flesh Overtime

PSN No. 4: Optimum Health

V10N1a - Topics
You Can’t Achieve Something You Don’t Understand Or Even Know Exists
Most People Including Conventional Doctors Don’t Know What Optimum Health Is
Optimum Health Is An Optimum State Of Balance And Quality
Optimum Health Is The Presence Of Good Form and Function

PSN No. 3: The Science

V9N12a - Topics
The Science Of Sports Nutrition Is A Derivative Of Scientific Investigation
True Science Is Objective and Performed Without Bias
Without Science We Wouldn’t Know That Vitamins & Minerals Exist
Opinions Are Neither Fact Nor Theory & Are Therefore Considered "Non-Scientific"

PSN No. 2: The Art

V9N11a - Topics
Sports Nutrition Is An Art: This Relates To How You Apply The Science
The Art Relates To When and If You Take Your Vitamins On Time
The Art Of Sports Nutrition Relates To The Skill Of Eating
The Art Of Sports Nutrition Relates To What, When & How We Eat

PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition

V9N10a - Topics
Principles Of Sports Nutrition (PSN) Is An Excellent Introductory Program For Students
CSNA Master Teachers Can Teach This Course To Their Own Students Anywhere In The World
Life Itself Is A Sport and Anyone Moving In Life Requires Optimum Nutrition
The Function Of Food Is To Transfer Energy and Micronutrients Into The Body

The 7 Nutritional Lies of the 21st Century

V9N9a - Topics
Our Food Supply Has Been Hijacked By Huge Corporations Hungry For Profit
When Consumed As A Food Staple Processed Food Creates Chaos & Disease
Conspiracy Implies A Treacherous Plan Formulated In Secret
The Truth Is We Were All Lied To From The Beginning

The Wonderful World of Berries

V9N8a - Topics
Berries Are One Of The True Survival Foods
Berries Are Packed With Factors That Strengthen Cell Membranes
Berries Are Excellent Sources of Polyphenols, Flavonoids & Carotenoids
Berries Are As Virtuous in Nutrition Value As They Are In Taste

Let Go...and Let Health

V9N7a - Topics
Quit Trying To Save The World: You Can't!
We Don’t Own People Like Property
Humans By Nature Want To Control Everything
We Can Only Change Ourselves

Thyroid Health

V9N6a - Topics
Huge Numbers Of Women Are Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism Every Day
The Primary Regulators Of Human Metabolism Are The Thyroid Hormones
One Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism Is Cold Hands & Cold Feet
Thyroid Hormones Contribute To The Ongoing Process Of Bone Remodeling


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