Clinical Review

Are Humans Becoming Less Intelligent?

V13N9a - Topics
Humans Brains are Literally Getting Smaller
WorldwideTesting of IQ Proves Human Intelligence is Declining
Toxic Chemicals and Radiation Reduce Intelligence
Poor Intake of Omega-3s and Lack of Physical Exercise Are to Blame

PSN No. 21: Energy

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Energy Is Elusive and Synonymous With Life And Good Health
Exercise When Correctly Performed Literally Creates Energy In Your Body
Our Principle Source Of Body Energy Comes From The Food We Eat
Energy Is What Drives Our Metabolism. It Provides Us With Incentive to Take Action

Mighty Magnesium

V13N7a - Topics
Magnesium Is An Essential Mineral In Human Nutrition
All Green Plants Provide Organic Sources Of Bioavailable Magnesium
Magnesium Relaxes Airways And Smooth Muscles And Dilates The Lungs
Magnesium Plays An Important Role In Normal Glucose Metabolism

The Costanza Principle

V13N6a - Topics
Do the Opposite of Convention and You Will Live Better & Longer!
Focus on Whole Foods, Supplements & Routine Physical Exercise
The Gym is a Lab. The Kitchen is the Lab Extension!
Watch Episode 86 of Seinfeld. Live & Learn!

PSN No. 20: Sleep & Rest

V13N5a - Topics
Sleep And Rest Are As Important To Health And Life As Air, Food And Water
The Body Can Endure A Deficiency Of Sleep And Rest For Only So Long
There Are Many Well-Known And Proven Natural Sleep Remedies
Sleep is Essential To Our Existence, Whether We Like It Or Not

Mentorship Training: A Lost Art

V13N4a - Topics
Mentors Are Trailblazers And Often Create Their Own Private School
Mentors Share Their Experience And Insight Over Time
Value With Discretion Is Placed On Individual Ability, Skill And Performance
The Original Concept Of Mentorship, Though Now Seldom Practiced, Has Incredible Merit

PSN No. 19: Testosterone

V13N3a - Topics
Testosterone Is The Principal and Most Potent Androgen Known
Testosterone Is Both A Steroid and Anabolic Hormone
The Average Male Produces Between 4 - 10 mg of Testosterone Daily
The Average Female Produces Between 0.04 - 0.12 mg of Testosterone Daily

Wheyfinding: Which Whey To Go?

V13N2a - Topics
Wayfinding Is Used Widely In Travel And Tourism Literature
Wayfinding Describes Techniques Used To Locate Unmarked Regions
Whey Protein Isolate Is The Single Best Protein On The Market
Whey Protein Isolate By Definition Contains No Less Than 90% Protein

PSN No. 18: Thyroid Health

V13N1a - Topics
Calcitonin Plays A Role In Calcium Metabolism And Homeostasis
Parathyroid Hormone Acts To Increase The Concentration Of Calcium In The Blood
Thyroid Disturbance In Pregnancy Affects Both Mother And Child's Health
Demand For Thyroid Hormones Is Increased During Pregnancy

the Science of Living Well: Blue Zones

V12N12a - Topics
Blue Zones Describe Specific Geographical Regions On The Planet
People Who Inhabit Blue Zones Share 10 Common Lifestyle Characteristics
It's Important To Create Your Own Blue Zone in the Here & Now
The Secret To Longevity Is Not Based On Any One Single Factor


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