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the Science of Living Well: Calorie Restriction & Neuroplasticity

V12N11a - Topics
Calorie Restriction Can Increase Both Median & Maximum Life Span
Calorie Restriction Can Decelerate the Process of Biological Aging
Many Functional Aspects of the Brain Remain Plastic Even Into Adulthood
Cognitive Cerebral Brain Function Can Be Improved at any Age

the Science of Living Well: Telomeres

V12N10a - Topics
Telomere Regions Function To Prevent The Degradation Of Genes
When Cells Divide Telomeres Shorten And Bad Things Happen
Telomerase Is The Enzyme That Promotes Telomere Repair
Telomeric DNA Is Reduced By Oxidative Stress And Glycation

the Science of Living Well: Life Extension & Healthy Aging

V12N9a - Topics
We Are Designed By Nature to be Well & Functional Lifelong
Self-Regulation, Self-Control & Self-Mastery Are Essential
Science Is The Search For Truth, Not Certainty!
Wellness Is The Currency Of Energy That Sustains Life

Eat As Hard As You Train

V12N8a - Topics
Don’t Leave Your Diet To Chance
Thought Is The Driving Force Behind Decisive Action
Is Your Diet As Good As Your Last Workout?
If It Goes In Soft It Comes Out Hard!

PSN No. 17: Biomarkers of Health

V12N7a - Topics
Biomarkers Are Detectable Cells, Molecules, Genes, Enzymes or Hormones
Biomarkers Are Utilized in Pre-Clinical Research and Clinical Diagnosis
Biomarkers Can Measure The Progress Of Disease Or The Effects Of Treatment
Biological Age Is Determined By The Assessment Of Many Natural Biomarkers

The Benefits of Natural Light

V12N6a - Topics
Light Is Critical To Our Existence
Absence Of Natural Light Degrades Our Immune System
Sunlight Helps To Kill Germs and Bacteria On The Skin
Natural Light Improves Insulin Metabolism and Testosterone Chemistry

PSN No. 16: Biological Age

V12N5a - Topics
Biological Age Is An Objective Assessment Of How Well We Are Aging
Chronological Age Is The Length Of Time You’ve Actually Been Alive
Life Span Is A Measure Of How Long Our Species Can Live Potentially
Life Expectancy Is The Expected Number Of Years Of Life Remaining At A Given Age

Sports Nutrition for Masters Athletes

V12N4a - Topics
Train for the Sport You Love
Train First and Foremost for Health and Fitness
Think About a Sport You’d Love to Play
Get Excited About Your Training in the Gym Again

PSN No. 15: Sarcopenia

V12N3a - Topics
Sarcopenia is a Medical Term Meaning "Poverty of Flesh"
Sarcopenia In Most People Begins Around Age 25
Time is Not the Enemy But Damage Is! Prevent Damage!
Resistance Training & Optimum Nutrition Are Essential

The Multiple Benefits of Juicing

V12N2a - Topics
Fresh Juices Are Nature’s Great Thirst Quenchers, Cleansers & Tonics
Fresh Juices Alkalize & Revitalize Our Blood & Body Fluids
Avoid Drinking Pasteurized Juice Concentrates & Sterilized Juices
Juicing is a Labor of Self-Love: Get Over It!


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