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The Art and Science of Sport Nutrition

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If You Train & Eat Food, You’re Engaged in Sports Nutrition
We're all Athletes Engaged in the Sport of Life
The ART Consists of Nourishing an Active Body With High Quality Food & Natural Health Products
The Science Helps All of Us To Understand the “How” and the “Why”

Muscle: Energy for Contraction and Fiber Types

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Muscular Contraction Depends Chiefly on ATP for Fuel & Energy
Muscle pH Decreases as Lactic Acid Increases
Muscle Fibers are Generally Classified According to Twitch-Speed & Color
Strenuous Exercise Causes Filament Micro-Trauma & Cell Damage

Muscle: Anatomy, Composition and Function

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We Aspire To It, Dream Of It & Fantasize About It
Muscle is Predominantly Water
A Muscle Fiber is Actually a Single Muscle Cell
The Technical Term For a Single Muscle Cell is Myocyte

Energy: The Capacity to Perform Work

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Energy Eludes a Concrete Definition
Energy is Defined as the Capacity for Doing Work & Overcoming Resistance
Energy is the Secret Behind True Motivation & Vision
Energy can be Expressed as a Unit of Heat Content or Calorie

Vitamin E: Companion to Vitamin C

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Vitamin E is Essential and Protects the Body
Vitamin E is a Family of Antioxidant Compounds called Tocopherols
Vitamin E can Reduce Inflammation In Muscles & Connective Tissue
Recommended Dosage for Athletes is 400-2000mg daily or 5-20mg per kg of Body Weight

Vitamin C: If Dr.C Could Choose Just One

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Don’t Leave Home Without It & Don’t Underestimate Its Power
All Sport Injuries Should be Supported with High-Dose Vitamin C
Ascorbic Acid Protects Us from Free Radicals, Heart Disease and Cancer
Vitamin C Changes into Numerous Metabolites

Hydration, Electrolytes and Glycerol

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Drink 30ml (1 fluid oz) of Water Per Kg of Lean Body Mass Per Day
Thirst is not Recognized as Sufficient Stimulus for Fluid Replacement
Electrolytes Affect Nerve Transmission, Muscle Action and Gland Function
Regulating the Acid-Base Balance of the Body

The Importance of Water

V1N6a - Topics
Clean Filtered Pure Water is Absolutely Essential
Don’t Base Your Water Consumption on How You "Feel"
Distillation, Ozonation, Natural Spring Water
Carry Filtered Water With You Everywhere You Go

12 Variables That Influence Human Performance

V1N5a - Topics
What the Term “Athlete” Actually Means
Proper Nutrition Forms the Foundation for Every Cell
The Price Athletes Pay for Eating Junk
Drugs, Genetics, Youth, Desire, Pain, Coaching, Equipment, Training, Skill, Weights, Psychology, Nutrition

Creatine is Safe and Effective

V1N4a - Topics
Training and Optimum Nutrition: A Means to an End
The Origin and Purpose of SNU as an Educational Tool
Dr.C's First Time Use of Creatine Monohydrate
The Chemistry and Function of Creatine "The Strong"


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