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Running for Life: Part II

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Running Improves Aerobic Capacity & Has A Natural Antidepressant Effect
One Of The Most Important Keys To Running Success Is Hydration
Electrolytes Are Lost Primarily Through Sweat and Urine
Every Action Has An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Running for Life: Part I

V5N4a - Topics
“Footracing” Ranks Among the Most Popular Of All The Known Sporting Events
Those Who Train Outlive Those Who Don't
Maximal Exercise Displays the Best Improvement In Health & Longevity
Running is An Inherent Natural Function for Humans

Do You Look Like You Train?

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If You Train There should be Physical Evidence of That Fact
It’s A Wonderful Thing To Have Someone Tell You How Good You Look
Protein Shakes Before and After Workouts Should be a Dietary Standard
Over Time We Must Develop A Connection Between Food & How We Look and Feel

The Importance of Protein

V5N2a - Topics
Like It Or Not Protein Is Essential To Life
Our Perception Of Truth Is Highly Subjective
Protein Is A Component Of Almost Everything in the Body
The Impact Of Hard Physical Work & Labor Increases Demand for Protein

Silent Inflammation

V5N1a - Topics
Exercise & Sport Practiced Or Played With Any Degree Of Intensity Causes Inflammation
A Diet High In Omega-6s & Low In Omega-3s Prolongs Inflammation
The Cardinal Signs Of Inflammation Include Redness, Heat, Swelling, Pain & Loss Of Function
Inflammation Is Something You Shouldn’t Ignore

Body Typing for Athletes: Part II

V4N12a - Topics
Ayurveda, The “Art And Science Of Living”, is the Oldest System of Medicine in the World
Ayurveda Helps Individuals Discover Their True Potential by Developing an Intimate Knowledge Of Living
The Three Dynamic Body Types or "Doshas" in Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta And Kapha
Health & Disease are Controlled by the Quality & Balance of the Three Doshas

Body Typing for Athletes

V4N11a - Topics
Dr. Roger Williams Introduced the Modern World to the Concept of Biochemical Individuality
Individuals Differ in Genetic Makeup, Metabolic Efficiency & Nutritional Requirements
There Are Four Blood Types, Type O, A, B & AB
Many Foods Contain Lectins Incompatible With Specific Blood Type Antigens

The Dope on Doping: Part III

V4N10a - Topics
Steroids Work Much Better in Real Life Than in the Lab
Oral Steroids Must Pass Through the Liver After Being Absorbed From the GI Tract
Testosterone Delivered by The Androderm Patch Enters the Skin Directly Then Moves into the Bloodstream
Wholesome Living & Hard, Basic Training Plus Natural Foods Equal Optimum Natural Health

The Dope on Doping: Part II

V4N9a - Topics
Biochemical Individuality is a Major Factor in Terms of How Anabolic Steroids Affect Each Individual
The Most Important Qualities In Life, The Things We Value Most, Money Can’t Buy
What Makes One Person Say "Yes" and the Other Say "No"
Steroid Use Increases Risk of Mortality

The Dope on Doping: Part 1

V4N8a - Topics
The Best Alternative to Steroids is Whole Foods & Dietary Supplements
“Doping” Refers to the Administration of Drug-Like Substances Known To Enhance Performance
A Woman Taking Birth Control Pills or Prednisone is On Steroids
Buying Steroids is Similar to Purchasing Cocaine & Other Illicit Drugs On The Street


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