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Recreational Drugs: Coffee & Caffeine

V6N3a - Topics
"Coffee" Comes From The Ancient Arabic Gahweh Meaning “Gives Strength”
Average Adult Coffee Drinkers Consume 200-400mg Of Caffeine Each Day
Caffeine Contains the Active, Nitrogenous Compound called Methylxanthine
Drink it Black and Organic After a Meal

Recreational Drugs Intro

V6N2a - Topics
Knowing the "Substance" Helps Us Make Informed, Educated Decisions
Intelligence Is Not the Key Factor Associated With Sobriety or Drug Abuse
A Drug is "Any Chemical Other Than Food That Affects Living Processes"
Steroids and Recreational Drugs Often Go Hand In Hand

Nutrition 101: Back to Basics

V6N1a - Topics
Are You Living With Personal Pride and Passion in What You Do?
Whole Food is the Only Way To Go!
Exercise Creates a Demand for the Best Food in the World
CHI Prime Directive: Supply Your Biological Demand

Dreams, Purpose & Reality

V5N12a - Topics
Dr.C Left Home at Age 19 to Circumnavigate the Globe
Public School Was Just A Vehicle To Play Sport
Clarity & Confidence Drive the Entire Process of Achievement
Not Everyone In The Health Industry Is Noble, Honorable Or Committed To Health

Quality Control

V5N11a - Topics
Quality Literally Means An Essential Characteristic, Property Or Attribute
Quality & Balance Are Emphasized Throughout The CSNA Education Program
Individual Company Policies & Operating Standards Are Frequently Self-Imposed
Achieving Excellence In Quality Control Must Be A Top Priority

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

V5N10a - Topics
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Is Known As The “Anti-Stress” Vitamin
B5 Supports the Production Of Cortisol & Other Adrenal Hormones In Response To Stress
Pantothenic Acid Is Non-Toxic at Very High Dosages
The Brain Uses Pantothenic Acid To Transform Choline Into Acetylcholine

Adrenal Exhaustion

V5N9a - Topics
The Adrenal Cortex Is Capable Of Synthesizing Over 60 Steroid Hormones
Cortisol Is A Major Player In The Body's Response To Stress
High Cortisol Levels Are Immunosuppressive & Destroy Sexual Function
Hormonal Response To Stress Is A Built-In Mechanism That Protects Us From Damage

A Journey of Self-Discovery

V5N8a - Topics
Treating Chronic Symptoms With Prescription Drugs Will Not Remedy The Problem
To Kill A Weed, You Must Pull It Out By The Roots
Newtonian Physics Teaches That Every Effect Has A Cause
To Rely Entirely On Our Own Subjective Experience Is Unwise

Five Steps To Health

V5N7a - Topics
We Are Eating Ourselves To Death: Addictive Modern Malnutrition Overload Syndrome
We Are “Living” Shorter, But Due To Our Modern Medical Safety Net, We Are “Dying” Longer
Missing Meals Is Like Missing Pay Day
Feed Yourself Like A New Born Baby

Running for Life: Part III

V5N6a - Topics
Endurance Athletes Have The Highest Levels Of Lipid Peroxides & Free Radical Activity
Running Forces Us To Consume Up To 20 Times More Oxygen Per Minute
Every Runner Should Take D-Alpha Tocopherol (E) and Ascorbic Acid (C)
As Exercise Intensity & Duration Increases, More Protein Is Utilized For Energy


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