Interview by Marguerite Ogle with Cory Holly ND: Natural sports nutrition and fitness expert

MO: Pilates is considered moderate strength training. Can you give us some nutritional guidelines that can help us make the most of the workouts that we do? What and when should people eat before a workout?

Online Fitness Magazine Interview

ONLINE: How long have you been in the Health and Fitness Industry? (How long have you actually been involved personally as well?)

INFOFIT Bulletin "Ask the Expert"

Dr. Cory Holly provides his expert opinion and professional advice on the following health, fitness and nutrition related questions as requested by INFOFIT.

Infofit: What does Vitamin "E" do?

Energy Magazine Interview

Understanding Food: Sports Nutrition with Cory Holly

Colgan Chronicles Interview II

CC: How and why did you get into weight training and fitness?

Colgan Chronicles Interview

CC: Cory, you are known throughout Canada for your expertise in the matter of diet, exercise and nutritional strategies to attain both peak physical as well as mental performance. Simply put, what are the key components to optimum health?

Holly-Day Diet Advice

What can people do to improve their festive diet? The solution to pollution is dilution. Drink clean filtered water. How much? 30ml (1 fluid ounce) per kilogram of lean body mass (total bodyweight less bodyfat). Next. The acronym for D.I.E.T is Discipline in Energy Transfer. Discipline. Do you have any?

Selfish Benevolence: The Science of Living Well

As in medicine theoretically, the first law of life is “Do No Harm”. In my book that’s the only law we need on the planet. In this article I will confine the philosophical weight of that premise to human interaction only.

Crock Pot Lemon Grass Chicken

After any holiday or change in routine it‘s not uncommon to feel a bit out of sorts due to a rich diet of fancy fare. This nourishing crock pot recipe assists in regulating your bodies system and puts you back in control. Good clean energy!

Clayton College Interview

Cory Holly’s five–word affirmation, I want to be well is the rock–solid foundation on which his robust lifestyle is built. Through self–motivation he devotes at least an hour each day to researching the latest news in nutrition and then crystallizes his findings into phrases, headlines and multi–part articles for newsletters, magazines and book chapters.

CHI L-Glutamine Dosage Guideline Chart

A guide to individual dose loading and daily L-Glutamine consumption based on lean mass and gender.

CHI HMB Dosage Guideline Chart

A guide to individual dose loading and daily HMB consumption based on lean mass and gender.

CHI Creatine Dosage Guideline Chart

A guide to individual dose loading and daily creatine consumption based on lean mass and gender.

CHI Daily Protein Requirements Chart

A guide to individual daily protein consumption based on four classes including class one (inactive/sedentary), class two (aerobic/endurance), class three (aerobic/anaerobic/speed) and class four (anaerobic/size/strength)

CHI Hierarchy of Athletic Supplements Chart

Provides a guideline for the use of dietary supplements beginning with the primary essential micronutrients up to medicinal agents

CHI Protein Quality Chart

Provides a range of protein sources from high (whey protein isolate) to low (luncheon meats) quality including pH and denatured state

CHI Fat Quality Chart

Provides a range of fat sources from high (organic mixed oils) to low (margarine) quality including pH and micronutrients density

CHI Carb Quality Chart

Provides a range of carbohydrate sources from high (green vegetables) to low (sucrose) quality including pH and micronutrients density

Silent Inflammation

Ever wonder why so many gym members suffer with chronic joint pain, prolonged muscle soreness or sport injuries that never seem to heal? Part of the answer lies in the fact that exercise and sport practiced or played with any degree of intensity actually causes inflammation.

Lifestyle Nutrition for Active Seniors

If life itself is a sport, and I believe it is, then regardless of age we’re all athletes playing in the same game of survival. So the important question is “Are you winning?” Is your physical performance up to speed, and can you meet the challenge of the day, or has your ability to perform declined because of inactivity, poor eating habits, stress or just plain wear and tear?