12 Variables That Influence Human Performance

Proper nutrition forms the foundation for every cell, and good performance is dependent on the integrity of our entire cellular matrix. Recognizing this principle is a tenet of sports nutrition. The human body is capable of amazing feats of strength, stamina and flexibility, but it's always susceptible to mental and physical fatigue, burnout, and injury.


The ABCs of Sports Nutrition

A is for Action, the third and final step in my three step personal plan for success. Without action nothing gets done. Action completes the sequence. It's what separates the wheat from the chaff. We can dream and think till the cows come home, but in the final analysis the work has to be done.

The Athlete's Food Pyramid

A biologically and genomically superior human food guide alternative to the Canada Food Guide and the USDA Food Pyramid (MyPlate)

Smart Fats for Active Lifestyles

For many years now the Canadian Health Food Industry has been urging all of us to increase our intake of omega-3 fatty acids (linolenic acid, EPA & DHA) — either through consuming more fish, Krill, wild game and deep green leafy vegetables, and/or by using the fresh organic seed oils of flax (linseed), hemp, soy, pumpkin, walnut, chia, kukui and canola.

The Rules of the Game (Part 1)

The best diet in the world cannot get you in shape or prevent the loss of muscle mass caused by sedentary living (sarcopenia). By itself, whole organic food cannot raise your vital capacity, preserve bone mass, strengthen your biceps or save your neuromuscular system from premature degeneration. YOU MUST EXERCISE and you must do it right.

Four Eggs A Day

I love eggs. Poached (never fried) with a touch of ghee and a dash of fresh ground pepper. Four large whole eggs a day. The exception is when I'm preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Then it's no egg yolks and a low fat focus for 100 days out to squeeze my bodyfat down to less than 5 percent. This rule applies to anyone who would like to reduce bodyfat.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

As a naturopath committed to reason, and a health consultant specializing in human performance and clinical sports nutrition, I routinely manage a wide variety of clients who vary greatly in body chemistry, origin of descent, body composition and knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition. On a one-to-one basis, my initial goal is to determine their present functional health status and physical condition.