Back to the Gym

Fitness is for everybody. Depicted as The Incredible Machine by the National Geographic Society, the human body has the capacity for remarkable achievements in strength and endurance. We are considered the most dangerous predator on earth and if well conditioned, we are built for stamina and designed beautifully for adaptation.

A Stitch in Time...Hurts!!

Almost everyone at one time or another has either experienced for themselves, heard of or seen someone else experience what is commonly known as a “side-ache”. It’s certainly well known to many parents who grew up with the same warning they now give their own children, "Wait an hour after eating before you go swimming, so you don’t get a cramp and drown."

When Natural isn't Better

The word “natural” has gotten out of hand. In fact, it’s become a downright misnomer (a name used incorrectly). In the health business we overuse the term to emphasize the perceived goodness or purity of something, like a dietary supplement or a food product. And it certainly adds marketing value to our buying and selling activity. NATURAL SELLS.

What is Sports Nutrition?

Good question!!!! The term “Sports Nutrition” is social misnomer, because it implies a special kind of nutrition only for people who play sports. Granted, anyone engaged in sport is a candidate for such a reference but ‘sports’ in this context is generic and much broader in its definition.

The Super Antioxidants

The multiple and extraordinary benefits of antioxidant nutrients have been well defined in both exercise physiology and functional medicine for many decades now. In a nutshell, antioxidants protect healthy cells from the oxidizing or damaging effects of oxygen free radicals — from which no one can escape.

The Power of Chi

Chi is the active principle of anything alive. Some call it "prana", the "force" or "Gaia", the underlying life force shared by all biological organisms. In orthodox biology what animates living things is perceived as nothing more than digitized complex information technology. Chi is the Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe".

The Importance of Protein

The subject of protein consumption often stirs up public controversy and heated debate. Some immediately think of "excess" and relegate protein consumption to kidney or liver damage, cancer and osteoporosis.

The Glycemic Index of Carbs

Knowing the glycemic response of food is just as important as knowing its micronutrient content, its caloric value and its acid to alkaline ratio. Successful body composition management relies on this knowledge, and for athletes, it is crucial to performance.

The Battle of the Bulge: Resistance is Futile

As a society we are getting fatter and fatter with each passing year. To some an extra role around the gut or a double chin is just a joke. To others it's a sign of gluttony. But in the eyes of medical science it is serious business. Obesity is costing society hundreds of billions in medical treatment and lost revenue. Excess fat is a liability. Experts say it's at least as bad as smoking now.

The True Wealth of Health

Exercise and nutrition... the ultimate prescription for optimum health and long life. But the exercise must be correct and the nutrition must be biologically compatible with our human genome complex. Fall short and you can expect deleterious consequences more reliable than rising gas prices. Obey the laws that dictate optimum health and that is exactly what you get.

The Thyroid Gland: Metabolic Power Throttle

"Although extremely common, low thyroid is largely an unsuspected illness. Even when suspected, it is frequently undiagnosed. When it is diagnosed, it often goes untreated. When it is treated, it is seldom treated optimally". ~ Richard Shames, M.D. (2001) THYROID POWER: 10 Steps to Total Health

The Science of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is an art and a science. The art relates to how gracefully and consistently we apply the science. The science is a derivative of scientific investigation. This includes investigation, clinical research and numerous studies performed by researchers and scientists at universities and research centers around the world.

The Science of Emoducation

Learning new information is generally less difficult than applying new information. In the world of sports nutrition, health & fitness, the greatest struggle for men and women by far is the application of the knowledge, not its acquisition. The true power and multiple benefits of optimum health absolutely lie in the doing! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The True Measure of a Man

What makes a healthy man, or, to rephrase the question, what makes a man healthy? Must he be sensitive, muscular and a good provider? How significant is his IQ or his biological age? Does a man’s health depend on his level of fitness, the size of his wallet or his cholesterol ratio? What of his understanding of people and the world, and his ability to achieve his goals?

The Rules of the Game (Part 3)

Although we have thoroughly convinced ourselves otherwise, many of the signs and morbid symptoms associated with senescence, such as obesity, type II diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated blood fats and high blood pressure, are not a function of chronological age.

The Rules of the Game (Part 2)

Exercise, however necessary and magnificent, doesn't nourish the body directly. It facilitates nourishment and greatly improves digestion, absorption and elimination, but moving the body doesn't supply the essential micronutrients that catalyze the release of energy from ATP.

The New Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is both an art and a science. The art consists of nourishing an active body with high quality food and dietary supplements in a skillful, safe and consistent manner. This pertains not only to what we eat, but also when.

The Necessity of Education

As of this writing Tracy & I are in Portland Oregon engaged full on in our CHI Highway To Health American Sports Nutrition Tour (2008). We are training everyday in a different gym and visiting countless numbers of health food stores throughout the United States. For us it's a dream come true! The RV lifestyle is a breeze and ideal for healthy, fit individuals who seek spontaneity and have a thirst for life.

The Myth of Muscle Memory

When accepted as truth by large numbers of people without investigation, a false myth can cause profound cultural change. Consider the vast numbers of people who have been seduced into drinking milk as a staple thinking one thing when the opposite is actually true. The dairy industry is well aware of the damage to health caused by consuming processed cow's milk derived from animals that are neither well or fed correctly.

The Luck of the Draw

Ever wonder how much of your life and health is controlled by genetic factors supposedly outside of your control? What do you think, is it 25, 50, maybe 75, even 100 percent? I’m sure you've been told that you’re not to blame for your condition, that you’re just a victim of circumstance, bad luck or faulty genes.