The Power of Chi

Chi is the active principle of anything alive. Some call it "prana", the "force" or "Gaia", the underlying life force shared by all biological organisms. In orthodox biology what animates living things is perceived as nothing more than digitized complex information technology. Chi is the Chinese word used to describe "the natural energy of the Universe".

This energy is deemed spiritual, metaphysical and even supernatural. Chi cannot be measured by any human instrument or seen with the naked eye, but like quarks, leptons and neutrinos, Chi permeates all living matter and exists within us.

Inherent Chi is the energy we receive from our parents at the time of conception. Acquired Chi is the energy accumulated by the quality of life we lead and the food and air we ingest.

From the moment we appear as a senescent individual being of light, everything we think and do affects our Chi. Chi is energy, and energy is vital to health, healing and wellness. Energy is required for high level performance including physical strength, agility, speed, balance, endurance and power. Chi directs the formation of ATP and the release of phosphates in the cell. All athletes depend on an even flow and harmonic balance of Chi.

What we eat greatly affects our Chi. Wholesome food that is compatible with our DNA is essential to the maintenance and harmony of Chi. The primary purpose of hunting, gathering, fishing and farming is to transfer energy from the outside world to the trillions of cells within our body, as well as supply approximately 60 essential elements and micronutrients. Failure to do this consistently results in malnutrition.

Micronutrients include important vitamins, minerals and enzymes all of which are destroyed by heat, light, oxygen and modern food processing. Insufficient micronutrient intake causes our Chi to fade. Consuming dead, sterile, fragmented food reduces our Chi to a standstill. Overeating causes our Chi to smother and die.

In a recent SNU special guest interview with strength coach Charles Poliquin, I asked Charles what he thought of Chi. This is what he said.

"There is no life without Chi. Your lifestyle has a lot to do with your Chi. Eat a very poor diet and you will definitely deplete yourself of Chi. The choice of the foods you select and the beverages you drink greatly impact your Chi. Watching mindless TV shows will deplete your Chi. You must be very wise with your Chi. You have to cultivate Chi. In western language Chi is energy. Chi is of paramount importance. Make sure you preserve it."

According to ancient tradition and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi is a unique and highly evolved dynamic energy present in the human body. It is mystical and mysterious like life itself and definitely something more than the neuroelectrochemical energy recognized and defined by Western Medicine. Simply put, we are more than flesh, blood and bones.

Poliquin adds, "There are a lot of theories about what Chi is, but regardless of what it is, it is something that does exist. It's not a question of faith, but a question of evidence. In lab testing in genetics, it is known that the length of telomeres corresponds to Chi. Longer telomeres are associated with a lower biological age. Think of Chi as Vitality."

Vitality is influenced by nutrition and training to a degree that surpasses common understanding. Few get the connection. If we choose a native, wholesome, alkaline diet rich in micronutrients and energy, the Chi or "vibration" of that food will raise the Chi within us. This is Chi balance.

The balance of Chi in action is determined by what we eat every day. By choosing sterile factory food, we not only deplete our vital energy and reduce our Chi, we also support the continued growth and expansion of corporations hungry for profit at the expense of national health.

Chi is at odds with much of what we do. In order to absorb and integrate the external universal energy of Chi we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force of Chi within. Chi is an ocean of energy that flows through us like a living river.

Optimum health is achieved by thinking, living, training and existing in harmony with both our internal and external world. The principle of Chi ties in beautifully with self-discipline and intelligent premeditated action guided by reason. We think then we do. Chi directed action creates more Chi.

Public health education is supposed to provide us with objective, non-bias evidence based data to help guide us in our personal journey of self-discovery, especially in nutrition, health and fitness, but it doesnメt. The majority of research today is corrupted by the motive of profit, so very little information gained by actual true science is made known to the public.

When children receive the education, motivation and inspiration they require to live free from disease and stay well, they grow up into powerful beacons of light. We are designed by Nature to be fit and mentally strong, but sadly, what we have in reality are massive numbers of vertically ill adults in extremely poor shape, many of whom are drowning together in a pool of ignorance, fear and social chaos.

Role models of ideal and exceptional health are the product of an evolved higher consciousness, quality education and a strong physical work ethic. They are the mature men and women of age who stand out among the crowd. They are self-directed, independent, lean, highly motivated, purpose driven and extremely fit. They are the Spartans of this millennium.

When medically examined those who are truly well are free of pathology, function with extremely high vitality and embrace the concept of change and biological age with open arms. They are one with their Chi.

Courage is the essence of Chi. Courage is the state or quality of mind that enables us to face danger, overcome fear and not fold under pressure with confidence and bravery. Without courage we cannot apply wisdom, stand for justice or reveal temperance.

Honor is the backbone of Chi. Honor is a code of dignity and pride. Honor is associated with a good name, respect and a reputation for uprightness of character. The most difficult thing in the world for a man of honor to do is demonstrate none. A man of honor does what is right.

Integrity is the strength of Chi. Integrity is a relationship of unity between what we say and what we do. It is reliability and moral soundness. Integrity is the state of being unimpaired and whole.

There is no life without Chi.

As always, stay well and live free!...Dr.C