Number 7

The Squat: King of All Exercise

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Squat with Head Up & Eyes Forward
Position the Barbell as Far Back on Your Traps as Possible
Resist the Desire to "Lean" Forward in the Down Position
Keep the Line of Gravity as Close to Your Body Center as Possible

BBQ in Colorado

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What’s Cookin? BBQ Tofu
Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Colorado

Charlie Fox: The Garlic Guru

V7N7c - Guest Charlie Fox is well known to the health food industry and advocates of natural health everywhere as The Garlic Guru. His personal experience with the medical benefits of garlic has made Charlie an enthusiastic proponent and public speaker on the subject.

Recreational Drugs: Cocaine

V6N7a - Topics
Cocaine Is An Alkaloid (C17-H21-NO4) Derived From The Leaves Of The Coca Plant
After The Leaves Are Soaked and Mashed, Cocaine Is Extracted As A Coca-Paste
Cocaine Can Increase Mental Alertness and Cause A Sense Of Well-Being & Euphoria
Cocaine Use Whacks The Immune System

Colgan Power Camp Update

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What’s Cookin? Hummus and Nori
Hot Topic: Colgan Power Camp Update

Jeff Anderson: Supplement Hype

V6N7c - Guest You may not have heard the name "Jeff Anderson", but in gyms all around the world, Jeff is commonly known as the "Muscle Nerd" and revered as the "Champion of the Average Joe" searching for what works and what doesn't work when it comes to building muscle while burning fat.

Five Steps To Health

V5N7a - Topics
We Are Eating Ourselves To Death: Addictive Modern Malnutrition Overload Syndrome
We Are “Living” Shorter, But Due To Our Modern Medical Safety Net, We Are “Dying” Longer
Missing Meals Is Like Missing Pay Day
Feed Yourself Like A New Born Baby

Hydrotherapy: Get Wet!

V5N7b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Carrot, Ginger and Orange Soup
Hot Topic: Hydrotherapy. Get Wet!

Dr. Zoltan Rona: Practicing Natural Medicine

V5N7c - Guest
Dr. Zoltan P. Rona is a graduate of McGill University Medical School and has a Master's Degree in Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Dr. Rona is a past president of The Canadian Holistic Medical Association.

The High Carbohydrate Myth

V4N7a - Topics
Glycemic Load is Calculated by Multiplying GI by Digestible Carbohydrates & Dividing by 100
Carbohydrate Density Refers to the Digestible Carbohydrates Present in Food
The Best Diet Conforms To Each Person’s Unique Biological Needs & Requirements
Over Time, People Can Develop Glucose Intolerance From Eating Refined Sugars & Bread


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