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Dr. Cory Holly Naturopath

Educator, Research Consultant, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher & Coach

Dr. Cory Holly is the Founder & President of the Cory Holly Institute (CHI), Online School of Holistic Health, Sport & Exercise Nutrition since 1995 and is the Meet Director and Host of the Cory Holly Classic annual track and field meet in Vernon. He is the author of the CSNA Education Program, a dozen books and courses and hundreds of magazine articles. Dr. Holly competes as a Masters athlete and lectures at seminars, universities and trade shows on topics related to sports nutrition, anti-aging, health & fitness.

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Career & Education Summary

Canada's Ambassador of Sports Nutrition "Dr.C"

As Canada's Ambassador of Sports Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Dr. Holly's objective is to strengthen sports nutrition awareness worldwide and bridge the enormous gap that exists between nutrition and fitness. Dr. Holly is the recipient of the 2003 CHFA Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame Award. The CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products.

Dr. Holly has competed in a great variety of competitive sports including hockey, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, track & field, tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, triathlons, running, swimming, diving, gymnastics, handball, rowing, Tae Kwon Doe, boxing, bodybuilding and power lifting. He was awarded Athlete of the Year in both Junior High and Senior High School. Dr. Holly competes as a Masters athlete in track and field (hammer thrower) and was the Grand Master Gold Medalist and overall Champion (age 55) at the 2013 INBA Hawaiian Muscle Masters (Mr. Hawaii).

Dr. Holly founded the Cory Holly Institute as a school and online education center to distribute courses including the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) education program. Dr. Holly has performed 1500+ public lectures and has personally visited over 5000 gyms and health food stores on six continents. His personal research interests include the influence of nutrition on genetic expression, epigenetics, fatty acid biochemistry, particle physics, psychoneuroimmunology, exercise physiology, human motivation, existentialism and philosophy. Dr. Holly was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1957 and has been active in both the natural health food and fitness industry since 1975.

1998 CNBA Western Canadian Natural Masters Men Champion
2004 WNSO Canada West Natural Men's Overall Champion
2007 INBA Natural Olympia Grandmaster Silver Medalist
2013 INBA Natural Hawaiian Muscle Master's Overall Champion
2013 INBA Natural Universe Grandmaster Silver Medalist

Dr. Holly studied exercise physiology and biochemistry at Western Washington University and apprenticed at the Colgan Institute of Nutritional Science. He completed his Doctor of Naturopathy degree at Clayton College of Natural Health in 1992 (4 year program including practicum), where he also taught as a Professor of Holistic Nutrition (Birmingham Alabama).

Dr. Holly studied holistic nutrition at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing Aryuvedic medicine in Bombay (Mumbai), India, botanical medicine in Lima, Peru and homeopathic medicine in Baden-Baden, Germany. His mentors include Dr. Michael Colgan, Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Jeffrey Bland and Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin.

Role Model of Health 2006
Dr. Michael Colgan Endorsement
Dr. Cory Holly Body-Type Personal Profile

World Travel

Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst

Dr. Holly has travelled throughout the world in search of nutrition, health and fitness knowledge. He has lived among, worked, and spent significant time with many native and aboriginal people in over 123 countries on six continents. Cory loves to eat, work and play with locals, and above all "talk story" Hawaiian style.

A tip of his iceberg travel experiences include barracuda fishing in Fiji, surfing in Costa Rica, trekking in the Peruvian Andes, river rafting in New Zealand, exploring stalagmite caves in Israel, hitch-hiking on the road to Damascus, snow skiing at Whistler Mountain, ‘squatting’ in London, wandering aimlessly through India, chasing Kangaroos in Cairns, scuba-diving in the Red Sea, searching bat caverns in Belize, kayaking in the Portuguese Algarve and hanging loose in Maui.

Through it all Dr. Holly logged data, interviewed people and paid very close attention to what was eaten and how it was prepared. He also observed how people moved in various forms of indigenous physical activity and sport.

Dr. Holly has made over 100 TV and radio appearances and has lectured at the University of Hawaii (UH), University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), University of Victoria (UVic), Trinity Western University (TWU) and hundreds of health shows, fitness symposiums and trade conventions.

Dr. Holly is the author of nine health books available online in both audio and PDF eBook format. The Cory Holly Series

In 1992, Dr. Holly pioneered the nutritional trend of adding flax, hemp and other fresh living omega-3 rich seed oils to whey protein shakes to help reduce inflammation in soft tissue and joints. He has formulated over fifty sports nutrition dietary health supplements for several US and Canadian manufacturing companies.

Product Lines formulated by Cory

SISU Body Elite (1998)
Trophic Sports Action Plus (2005)
Clayton Naturals Cory Holly Signature Series (2008)

In January 2007 he coined the term Emoducation. Daily emoducation is part of Cory's secret formula that fuels his self-generated motivation and personal power.

In the exercise field, Cory has three original exercises credited to his name...

In 2011, Dr. Holly introduced his mathematical equation for the achievement of health...

H = (nf)²

As Chairman of the CHFA Sports Nutrition Advisory Council Dr. Holly led a team of twelve council members to unify and strengthen sports nutrition education awareness in Canada through seminars, course development, newsletters, event promotion and regulatory support.

Above all Dr. Holly promotes a practical lifestyle philosophy of "Do No Harm and Stay Out of Harms Way". He integrates fitness and nutrition including dietary supplements as a reliable science and therapy for natural healing and achieving optimum health. Dr. Holly believes the struggle within is by far the greatest war to overcome. Achieve peace within FIRST is his mandate. Charity begins at home. Home is where your heart is. Optimize personal health first then spend your time and energy trying to save the world.

Dr. Holly is married to Tracy Kaye Holly. They met at Vancouver's best kept secret Spartacus Gym Together they have two daughters, Daisy and Ruby, one son Michael, four granddaughters Olivia, Riley, Veronica and Wynter, and four grandsons Maxwell, Bowen, Beirne and Locke.

Dr. Holly continues to travel, lecture and compete as a Masters elite athlete throughout the world promoting sports nutrition, anti-aging, health and fitness education. To serve and aid others in the spirit of pure self-satisfaction is his best medicine.

Cory's favorite saying to his friends, students and clients is...

"Stay Well and Live Free!"

Photo: Cory with his eight grandchildren (summer 2023)

Cory has accomplished many record throws in the Men's Hammer Event Masters Track & Field

Masters Men Record (Age 45-49) British Columbia

Masters Men Record (Age 50-54) State of Hawaii

Masters Men Record (Age 55-59) British Columbia

Masters Men Record (Age 60-64) British Columbia

Masters Men Record (Age 65-69) British Columbia

Cory has been instructed, mentored, and significantly inspired by…

Dr. Paavo Airola | Dr. Michael Colgan | Dr. Linus Pauling | Dr. Ronald Schmid | Dr. R. H. Rogers | Dr. Bernard Jensen | Dr. Jeffrey Bland | Dr. Lendon Smith | Dr. Elson Haas | Dr. Matthias Rath | Dr. Carlton Fredericks | Dr. Abram Hoffer | Dr. Robert Mendelsohn | Dr. Paul Bragg | Dr. David Hawkins | Dr. Emmanuel Cheraskin | Dr. Viktor E. Frankl | Dr. Stephen Hawking | Dr. Richard Dawkins | Christopher Hitchens | Earl Nightingale | Arnold Schwarzenegger | Gene Roddenberry | Steve Reeves | Jack LaLanne | Sam Harris | Ayn Rand | Peter Joseph | Lawrence M. Krauss | Socrates | Plato | Aristotle | Richard Feynman | Albert Einstein | Daniel Dennett | Dr. Terry Willard | Chris Hedges | Jiddu Krishnamurti | Dr. Bruce Ames | Dr. Loren Cordain | Jordan Peterson | Yuval Noah Harari | Dr. Mark Hyman | Earnest Becker | Otto Rank | Bruce Lee | William Barrett | Sean Carroll | Carl Jung | Friedrich Nietzsche | Gary Taubes

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