Dr. Cory Holly Body-Type Personal Profile

Students who complete the CSNA Education Program will learn how to classify clients, friends, family members and most importantly, themselves, according to the following ten body typing systems.

Client: Dr. Cory Holly

Sport Type: Intense, Non-Violent

Favorite Sport: Bodysurfing
I feel free and alive and timeless. Freedom is everything to me. When I come up from under the water after a fantastic ride, I laugh uncontrollably and shout with happiness and joy Yee Haw!!!! I feel like I'm sixteen again every time. The sport of bodysurfing humbles and nurtures me. The ocean (Nature) is Master. Never stand up against the wave. Ride it or duck underneath. Nature is a dictator. Like it or lump it!
Least Favorite Sport: Ultimate Fighting
Ultimate Fighting is violent. There is absolutely no need to punch and kick the snot out of another living being for "honor". The function or purpose of this sport is to cause your opponent to surrender at the risk of damage to your opponent and to yourself. How Neanderthal! The philosophy of Ultimate Fighting is in direct conflict with the first rule of natural medicine Primun non nocere "First Do No Harm". To hurt anyone without sufficient moral cause, such as protecting the innocent or defenseless from potential loss of life or harm, is irrational, pointless and just plain stupid!

Blood Type: B+ "The Nomad"

Type B is the chameleon, highly adaptable and most tolerant to the widest variety of foods except corn, wheat, tomatoes, chicken, shell-fish and peanuts. Lamb is good, as well as sardines, dairy products, kidney beans, millet, brown rice, greens, papaya and grapes. Supplement emphasis is on magnesium. Type B’s do well with a combination of intense exercise and recreational activities such as hiking or tennis. Group hikes and biking excursions are favorable. Type B’s are creative, flexible and adapt well to change.

Genetic Type: Scottish, English & Norwegian

Understanding the origin of your roots can help you select a food base more in line with your biological heritage and inherent immune tolerance. The diet we choose must be compatible with our DNA. We know that environment influences the health, survival and adaptive patterns of all living things. The composition and chemistry of what our ancestors ate in the past played a vital role in the direction and outcome of their living systems, and the quality and micronutrient density of the food we eat today continues to affect everyone in the same way. We are the prodigy of our parents, each endowed with specific biological tendencies, exceptional qualities, outstanding abilities and certain strengths and weaknesses. Ethnic origin is what we're stuck with. Did you choose to be born?

Somatotype: Endomorph

Endomorphs tend to gain bodyfat easily. They by nature possess a slow metabolism and often think about food constantly. Endomorphs need lots of cardio and daily physical activity. This helps to stimulate an often sluggish metabolism or problems with thyroid health. Best time to train is in the morning. Plenty of walking, cycling or swimming must be a mainstay. Endomorphs respond well to weight training and usually get good results relatively quickly, provided they train correctly and consistently with intensity. Requirements for fuel (biological gasoline) are extremely low. Endomorphs simply don’t have a high demand for carbs and fat.

Gland Type: Thyroid

Refined starches and sweets stimulate the T-Type. Avoid them. Increase protein foods that stimulate the adrenals and gonads. Eat eggs every day to build up the adrenals. Poultry, fish and raw vegetables are good. So are large “beefy” salads with clean, homemade dressing. Homemade soups are good but avoid ones that are cream based or rich in noodles, rice or starch (especially white refined starches). Consume 5-6 protein rich meals every day. This will stabilize the blood-sugar and curb the appetite for sweets. Emphasize strength and endurance training. Strength training should dominate. T-Types are natural athletes with good flexibility.

Chronotype: Neutral

Chronobiology includes the investigation and study of rhythmic patterns established in biological or living phenomena. These patterns influence our mood and emotions, as well as our strength, speed and athletic ability. Neutral-Types are AC/DC (can go both ways in terms of training time: morning or night). They do however operate best in the middle of the day between extremes. At the upper and lower segment of the time spectrum when awake, they are not compromised in any specific way, but they tend to function best at peak level between early morning and late evening.

Autonomic Type: Parasympathetic

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is involuntary and acts as a control system below the level of consciousness. It is divided into two subsystems including the parasympathetic (passive) and sympathetic (active). In physiological terms, the parasympathetic system is concerned with the preservation of energy. Think of it as “laid back and mellow”. It causes the heart rate to decrease and blood pressure to go down. But is also controls the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and the excretion of waste products, so by no means is it entirely docile or less essential to health.

Ayurvedic Type: Kapha

Kapha’s tend to be calm, sympathetic, courageous, forgiving and loving. They are aggravated by susceptibility to gain body fat and by food that is heavy, fatty and sweet. They are sensitive to any stress that causes feelings of insecurity or rejection, by relationships that cause dependency or over protectiveness, by excess sleep and by damp and snowy weather. Kapha’s do not like the cold. Imbalance leads to depression, congestion, elevated cholesterol, fluid retention, diabetes, dullness of mind and possessiveness.

Metabolic Type: Mixed

The Mixed Type lies between the Protein and Carbo Type. Mixed Types need to eat a balanced mixture of high quality proteins and carbs. This approach supports both sides of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) and keeps the body's cellular oxidation rate in balance. According to The Metabolic Typing Diet premise, Mixed Types need to consume relatively equal ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They also need to eat a mixture of high-fat, high-purine proteins and low-fat, low-purine proteins. The same applies to all of the other foods contained on the protein type and carbo type diets -- including grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

Functional Type: Natural Bodybuilder / All-Sport

I've played sport for fun and personal enjoyment all of my life. Winning is irrelevant, although to me, playing the game morally according to the rules without compromise is winning. I love the skill-training and discipline required for playing sport well. The game itself is a test. It provides evidence of your personal work ethic performed in advance behind the scenes. I love the nature of sport because it's the world's most reliable truth serum. Sport reveals true character. Sport doesn't build character...it simply reveals it. Life is a Sport. The object is not to win but to have fun! Are you having fun in your life? If not why not? The objective of sport (life) is to play according to the rules. How you play the game of life and how you practice business is more important than whether you win or lose.