Barrie Carlsen: Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Pioneer

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Barrie Carlsen is Chairman of Vitex Nutrition, a first class manufacturer of premium dietary supplements in Canada. In 1976 Barrie founded Quest Vitamins, a Vancouver based vitamin supplement company that eventually become one of the most technically advanced vitamin manufacturing companies in the world.

Barrie also founded Enerex Botanicals in 1997, a leading Canadian supplement company with distribution in several countries.

Barrie first became interested in health and fitness as a young man in his early twenties. As an amateur weightlifter, he studied the role of diet and nutrition in developing strength and endurance. He discovered that many of the world class Olympic athletes were vegetarian and as a result decided to adopt the vegetarian diet.

In March 1999 Barrie was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association's "Pioneer Hall of Fame" in honor of his innovative work in the industry. Barrie is also the contributing editor of The Nutrition Digest of Essential Nutrients, a highly respected reference work.