Mentorship Graduates

Mentorship Student Quotes

"The "Training Partner" or "Mentorship" Program gave me the opportunity to experience an optimal nutrition and exercise regimen first hand. It allowed me to live and learn directly from a master in his field who actually lives what he promotes. The experience supported all of my previous reading and conversations with Cory and solidified his approach by living it with him. I left the experience with a clear understanding of exercise, and a program that I can follow progressively and safely for the rest of my life, as well as a sane, no-nonsense whole food diet and supplement program that I can fine-tune to my own unique needs."

Bill Mondy - Age 49

"This program has provided me with the insight and motivation to train for life. It has helped guide me towards the direction that I want to live and the direction to pursue my career. Having the opportunity to meet with Cory in Hawaii has been the highlight of my studies. It was a great opportunity to network and converse on like minded topics. I learned the power of intensity while training with Cory, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this mentorship."

Nicole Hicks CSNA Student - Age 26
Personal Trainer

"The mentorship program with Cory has been a powerful reminder that optimal health and wellbeing are directly related to the willingness to prioritize the effort and hard work needed to achieve this blessed state we call "fitness". My passion for health has only deepened since the Training Partner Program and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to hear the truth about what it takes to remain truly healthy in mind, body and spirit until the end of their days! Just do it! You'll not regret it."

Deborah Richards - Age 41
Health Food Retailer and mother of two

"Anyone who trains with Cory will definitely live longer and feel better, provided he continues to apply what he has learned from Cory."

Doug Austin – Age 46
Gym Owner

"My experience with Cory has been very unique, one that will stay with me forever. Initially I was unmotivated and just didn't have the willpower to train and eat right (or even cared to). What I didn't know was that I needed to repair my head before I repaired my body and Cory was the catalyst for this to take place. Thank you Cory for this, I doubt I would be anywhere without your guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Curt Gowler – Age 36
Computer Programmer

"Finally! How to kick it up a notch the most effective and safe way. I've been given the knowledge, excitement and motivation to keep my body, mind and soul stronger, healthy and most of all HAPPY. Thank you Cory!"

Diana Bralic - Age 42
Interior Design Architect

"I completed Level One of the Cory Holly Institute Personal Training Program in June 2005. Within a short period of time I began transforming my physique, my strength went up and my energy began increasing as a result. I learned how to eat, when to eat and when not to eat. Along with a good combination of supplements and whey shakes, I feel better than when I was 20. Thank you Cory for the huge learning curve. Cheers to a long life."

Vern Milani – Age 49
Business Man

"The Level I Mentorship program has given me a functional plan to develop and maintain control of my personal health for a lifetime. I have the education and everyday decision to take control over my health and accept the personal responsibility of my health. I feel freedom that I don't have to follow my past perceived ideas that my health was destined due to my genetics. I am leaving this program with a lot more than I thought I would. I am leaving with my cholesterol balanced, 7lbs lean mass in 4 weeks, lifting more weight than I have ever lifted before, but I am also leaving mentally and spiritually inspired in the pursuit of being true to myself. At first I thought Cory was extremely self-disciplined but I now really see that it is a joy to pursue your own health and the fun in sport. Thanks Cory."

Greg Mendes - 31
Canadian Air Force Pilot

"Cory Holly's Mentorship program was a very positive experience in my life. Being mentored in any interest is among the fastest way to excel to the top. I have filled my life with positive and influential mentors, and when I found Cory had a personal 1 on 1 mentor program I jumped at the opportunity. Cory met and exceeded my expectation both in and out of the gym. It doesn't matter if your young or old, male or female, fit or out of shape. It would be beneficial for anyone to train with Cory. In the end I completed the course with not only an education, but built a relationship that will aid me in my health and wellness goals."

Aaron Weber CSNA Student - Age 29
A/C Mechanic