Daniel Crisafi - Focusing on Micronutrients for Young and Old

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Daniel Crisafi began weight training in 1968. He achieved his first diploma, a physical culture instructor's diploma from the Weider Institute in 1974, the youngest person ever to do so. At that time, the Weider Diploma was considered the equivalent of today's certification as a personal fitness trainer.

Dr. Crisafi holds a PhD in biochemistry, a master Herbalist's degree and a naturopathic degree. His personal involvement in the fitness and sports nutrition sector includes competitive bodybuilding in the early 1970s and competitive judoka, at both provincial and national levels. Daniel has also worked as a consultant to professional athletes for the last 16 years.

In his first book in 1986, Dr. Crisafi mentioned the importance of weight bearing exercise for achieving optimal health, losing body fat and maintaining bone mass, an unpopular theory at the time. Daniel still trains four to six days a week integrating both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.ᅠDr. Crisafi is a member of the Expert Editorial Advisory Panel and assisted in the editing and promotion of the CSNA Education Program.

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