CSNA Masters Program Details

CSNA Masters Student Assignment

CSNA Masters Students are required to submit a self-directed documentary style narrative video of themselves discussing the major principles disclosed in their CSNA final dissertation. Video commentary to include topics related to the art and science of sports nutrition, the professional role of a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, optimum health, the importance of exercise and physical activity, whole natural foods and natural health products. In short, what is "optimum health" and how does one achieve it!

CSNA Masters Student Video Assignment Details

CSNA Master Students are graded on the quality of their presentation, creativity and video content. The final approved video will be published on ChiTV Youtube and may be utilized by the student as a personal marketing and teaching tool on their own website. Students have 30 days to complete this assignment beginning from the date of commencement.

Successful CSNA Master Students will receive a CSNA Masters Certificate of Graduation and qualify to teach the PSN Education Program.

Examples of CSNA Master Student Completed Video Assignments

“Of course we as educators and teachers need to learn how to act in front of a camera” ~ Soren Korsgaard CSNA Master

Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN)

CSNA Masters are eligible to teach the Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN) Teaching Program and may apply for a CHI Teaching Certificate

A one-time download teaching fee of $995.00 for the PSN teaching program is required once all the CSNA Master Teacher education criteria has been met. This download fee is NOT INCLUDED in the CSNA Masters Program.

NOTE: The one-time download teaching fee for the PSN teaching program IS INCLUDED in the CSNA Master Teacher Program

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