Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight

Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight is the fifth in a series of audio books narrated by Dr. Cory Holly. Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight teaches the listener how to effectively manage body composition through optimum nutrition and routine physical exercise. Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight approaches weight management from a scientific and emotional point of view. As someone who knows how to stay lean for life, Cory explains how to overcome the battle of the bulge by understanding individual bodytype, insulin chemistry, food addiction, hydration and the glycemic effect of carbohydrates.

Digital MP3 Format 56 minutes
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Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight (Audio Book Five) - Purchase Here

"Listen and learn from one of the brightest minds in Sports Science today, as Cory Holly gives you the proper guidance to implement a life change through his no-nonsense approach to metabolic success. Its time to finally Achieve Your Ideal Bodyweight."

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