Principles of Sports Nutrition

PSN No. 7: Exercise

This is one of my favorite topics, pastimes and hobbies, but of course I say that pretty much about everything I do and talk about. "Exercise is not an option." That for sure is one of my favorite quotes. Exercise is a state of mind and a consciousness. Like health and nutrition they’re all connected. They’re dependent on each other.

PSN No. 6: Nutrition

Nutrition comes after “Sports” but never underestimate its power. Its potency goes way beyond what most people can even comprehend. Nutrition is what every living thing requires to sustain itself, to sustain its life and to enhance its tolerance to any form of stress.

PSN No.5: Muscle: The Health Engine

Muscle is the health engine of the body. It’s what drives the train along the tracks; it’s what pulls the entire line and leads the body forward. There’s no motion, no movement and no action without muscles contracting as one, and that takes energy. Muscle is all about energy. It’s also about health.

Skeletal muscle needs to serviced, looked after, nourished and rested. It cannot be neglected or it will atrophy and die.

PSN No.4: Optimum Health

Well simply put, you can’t achieve something that you don’t understand, believe in or even know exists. So what is Optimum health? That’s the first question we should ask. What is this thing called Health?

PSN No.3: The Science

The science of sports nutrition is a derivative of scientific investigation, including various studies and clinical work performed by researchers and scientists at universities and research centers around the world.

PSN No.2: The Art

Sports nutrition is an art. This relates to how you apply the science. If you’re a CSNA graduate you understand this. Remember, and please bring to mind, once you know what to do, the art has to do with the application and the actual doing of what you know to do.

PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition

What does Sports Nutrition mean to me? Well I think of life itself as a sport and anyone moving in life requires nutrition. So sports nutrition is for everyone, every BODY. Everybody needs to maximize performance in life and one of the basic criteria, one of the critical factors to long term health and human performance is excellent and optimum nutrition.

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