Volume 5

Brenda Brazier: Sports Nutrition Vegan Style

V5N6c - Guest Brendan Brazier is a professional Ironman triathlete from Vancouver, BC. He is the 2003 Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon champion and has placed both 2nd and 3rd in the Royal Victoria Marathon, 3rd in the Canadian Long-Course Triathlon Championships and 8th in Ironman Utah.

Dr. Michael Colgan: Flexibility & Carbohydrate Management

V5N5c - Guest
Michael Colgan, PhD, CCN is one of the world's most popular scientific experts in nutrition. He is a best-selling author, and travels the world lecturing on anti-aging, sports nutrition and hormonal health. Dr. Colgan has a distinguished reputation for expertise in sports nutrition science and functional fitness and is an advisor to hundreds of elite athletes.

Debbie Perry: Expert Advice on Running

V5N4c - Guest
Debbie Perry is a former collegiate distance runner turned triathlete. In 2005 she was ranked #1 in the country in the 35-39 age group USA Triathlon national rankings. She is a two time All American age group triathlete and earned a spot on the 2005 U.S. National age group world championship team. Debbie has been a competitive athlete and/or coach for over 20 years.

Donna Herringer: Standards of Evidence & Product Quality

V5N3c - Guest
Donna Herringer has a long and rich association with the Canadian Health Food Industry and presently is the key developer of business strategies for The Natural Health Show. Her knowledge, experience and business contacts in the health product sector have supported the program by bringing the most credible industry players as sponsors to The Natural Health Show.

Nelson Narciso: Reiki. Creatine For Seniors. Alkalinity and Athletic Performance.

V5N2c - Guest
With over 16 years experience in the health and wellness field, Nelson Narciso is a well respected consultant on Natural Health Product's, sports nutraceuticals, botanical medicine and Reiki. Nelson is a frequent speaker at seminars across the country, a popular radio guest and a regular contributor to several natural health publications.

Dr. David Matthews: Cranial Facial Surgeon. High Intensity Training.

V5N9c - Guest
Dr. David Matthews is a Graduate of Brown University and the College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. He did his residency training at the Hospital of Pennsylvania in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and received his fellowships in microsurgery and craniofacial surgery.


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