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CSNA Advisory Board Members

Lee Labrada - Weight Lifting The Fountain of Youth
Brad King - Fats Wars & Raising Serotonin Levels with Protein
Brad King - Whey Protein vs. Plant Protein & Beer Belly Blues
Franco Cavaleri - Keep it Clean in Bodybuilding
Michael Horowitz - Principals of Chiropractic Medicine
Sherry Torkos - The Holistic Pharmacist
Tutti Gould - Homeopathy and Tissue Salts for Athletes
Daniel Crisafi - Focusing on Micronutrients for Young and Old
Norm Danniels - BodyPlus, Recovery and Recuperation
Fred Haynes - Alternative Health Industry Trends
Gina Nick - No Quick Fix, Provide Your Body With The Tools It Needs

Dr. John Winterdyk - Honorary Advisor

Triathlete Training, Speed and Endurance

Dr. Michael Colgan - Honorary Advisor

Nutrients Improve Performance
Train Your Body From The Inside Out
Aging Is A Matter Of Damage
Physiology Of The Human Body
Flexibility & Carbohydrate Management
Power Program, Politics & Nutrition For Champions
Save Your Brain & Bill C51
Nutrigenomics, DHA & Inhibition of Aging
The Einstein of Sports Nutrition

CSNA Students & Graduates

Russ Brown - CrossFit Coach
Frank Alvarez - Athlete, Pilot, Coach & Fitness Leader
Katie Handyside - Entrepreneur, Body Coach & Personal Trainer
Ryan Sleigh - Change, Education & Living the Good Life!
Darin MacDonald - Innovative Health & Fitness Technology
Caroline Mundell - The Pursuit of Excellence
Remy Moelchand - Health Perspective from the Netherlands
Soren Korsgaard - Health Perspective from Denmark
Matt Kendrick - mKlifefit Health Made Simple
Wade T. Lightheart - Acronym for A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Karen McCoy - Health & Fitness Advice for Women
Laura Creavalle - Pro Bodybuilder, Author, Chef and Trainer
George Boedecker - Age is a State of Mind & Body
Darrell Greenwood & Katie Derusha - Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultants
Debbie Perry - Expert Advice on Running
Kevin Paluch - Golf Tips from a PGA Pro
Alexander Suaste - Martial Arts & Nutrition
Mari-Ann Drevvatne - BC Adventure Bootcamp

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