CSNA Student Self-Test Questions

CSNA Study Module Exams

1. Students must complete an open book exam after reading each CSNA study module
2. Choose and click the appropriate exam below for your CSNA study module (e.g. Module One Exam)
3. An exam PDF will open on your computer screen
4. Save the exam in a file folder in your computer (''Save As" or download the PDF exam to your computer)
5. The answers to the exam questions are located in the study module text and in SNU audio tutorials
6. Be sure to include your name and student ID number on the exam
7. Be sure to complete each multiple choice question and save as you complete the questions
8. Double check your exam then attach the exam to an email and email to chi@coryholly.com
9. CHI will mark the exam and send you back the results combined with your next CSNA study module

Choose the correct exam below for your current CSNA study module

CHI TOLL-FREE HOTLINE 1.866.433.1595