Canadian Natural Health Products Education Alliance

Dedicated to High Quality Natural Health Products, Service and Education.

"Our unified objective is to expose more health food store retailers, personal trainers, health professionals, coaches, athletes and consumers to the proven health, life extension and performance benefits associated with fitness, whole food and natural health products."

"Our vision is to help people experience happiness, ease and harmony, and support them in achieving their highest potential by delivering natural and whole foods specifically designed to improve health and make people feel awesome."

SNU Interview with Purica CEO Jason Watkin

Dr. Michael Colgan Personal Testimony

"I can attest that RECOVERY, in my case, turned around arthritis so severe that the specialist's opinion was that only a shoulder replacement could stop the pain".

"Purica is an outstanding company lead by clarity of vision and an enormous dedication to product quality. I'm proud to be acquainted with them and look forward to working with this wonderful, health conscious company. I fully endorse their natural health products and use them myself."

~ Dr. Cory Holly